Criminal psychologists often work with the justice system.

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Criminal Psychology: Understanding the Criminal Mind and Its Nature Through Criminal Profiling

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  • However, psychologists have been serving as consultants to the courts for decades. Criminal psychologists can work in a number of capacities, including for the accused or for victims, during the trial phase as an expert witness, or they might work to rehabilitate offenders that have already been convicted of a crime.

    Both criminal psychologists and forensic psychologists assist law enforcement professionals in investigating and solving crimes. However, they play different but complementary roles. Criminal psychologists focus primarily on determining a motive and creating a profile of the perpetrator, while forensic psychologists specialize in the aftermath of a crime, including evaluating a suspect's mental state or counseling victims and their families.

  • is a discipline that merges psychology and criminal justice. Trained in the principles of human behavior, criminal psychologists work closely with attorneys, the courts, law enforcement agencies, and various other stakeholders involved in civil and criminal cases. It is a relatively young field of work, gaining recognition from the American Psychological Association in 2001.

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    1Criminal Psychology – An Introduction

    • Definition of Crime and Three Views of Crime
    • The Breadth of Criminal Psychology
    • Functions of a Criminal Psychologist
    • Understanding Court Procedures and the Correctional System

    Criminal psychology, also referred to as criminological psychology, is the study of the wills, thoughts, intentions, and reactions of and all that partakes in the .

Russell holds a degree in criminal psychology.

In this video Dr. Laurence Miller, PHD (Clinical & ), the author of “Criminal Psychology: Nature, Nurture, Culture” is giving out a brief information about criminal psychology.