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Patient Information Brain Arteriovenous Malformation;

CT & MRI Pathology: A Pocket Atlas, Second Edition

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  • The interactive brain atlas shows sections and provides location and names of all major structures and subdivisions of the brain. Contains an alphabetical list of structures and search functionality in several languages. Sections in high resolution are offered as images and in the virtual microscope.

    Coming soon: access to a brain-structure database.

    The sectional Brain Atlas focuses only on the anatomical structures while both the schematic and slice view are used to represent the area of interest.

  • MR and CT Brain Atlas

    This section consists of  MRI images obtained with various magnets, and 2.5 mm axial CT images obtained with a 4 slice CT scanner.
    Brain Anatomy Atlas
    In this section, selected gross anatomic brain images and stained brain sections are presented.
    Glossary of Neuroanatomy
    This section provides information on limbic and related structures.

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