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How Can I Cure my Headache?

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  • Acupressure helped cure my severe headaches. I have been having severe headaches for about a week now and was tired of medicating myself with Tylenol, Alleve, etc. I remembered I saw an email passed around that listed natural cures for things. I searched the internet and found this website. Once there, I looked up headaches remedies and found the one that mentions having someone squeeze or put pressure in the space between your thumb and index finger for about 5 minutes. It was late at night so I just did it myself and was amazed that in 5 minutes I was completely pain free. I dont know how and I dont know why it worked, but I'm certainly not complaining! Give it a try. Good Luck!!

    Cayenne Pepper cured my Sinus Headache. Like everybody else I was looking for a simple safe remedy to cure by Sinus headache. I found this site and decided to give the cayenne pepper a try. IT HURT! Do follow what the others on here have said and use only the very smallest amount to sniff up. My Nose felt like it was on fire but within 10 minutes the headache had gone. Thank you so much all who post on this site, it is such a help. Headache gone and I can breathe easily now, sad to say I am at present left with the dreaded drip effect so am now looking on here for something that will rid me of that.

  • Because I’m a little paranoid about being overly dependant on drugs to cure my headache, I have been researching into alternative natural ways to cure a headache. Here are a few natural cures that help me and which I hope will help you too.

    The pretty pink teddy bear tries 12 things that didn't cure my headache. The best cure? "Chocolate & Vicodin" by Jennette Fulda.

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