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Data-Driven Marketing: The 15 Metrics Everyone in Marketing Should Know

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  • At the heart of every direct marketing activity is a marketing database and its effectiveness depends on the amount and quality of customer information held by organisations. Database Marketing can be defined as the effort of organiations in compiling, analysing, using and maintaining data held about customers. This effort can assist organisations in contacting, transacting and building relationships with existing and potential customers (Jobber, 2009).

    Database marketing uses databases of customers or potential customers to generate real value for companies. The concept explores why it is important for organisations to be aware of customer needs and explores key characteristics of database marketing.

  • Websites are an important marketing tool that has revolutionized database marketing. Contemporary sites with cookies can conduct a wide range of operations; almost similar to those that can be done by a live operator. Although the websites are not excellent selling tools, they are excellent research tools that allow customer bonding.

    This is a popular method applied in determining clients that have high chances of responding to promotions. This method has been in prevalence for more than five decades, but there are still many entrepreneurs with no knowledge and experience of its correct application. It is a flexible tool that plays a major role in making database marketing successful.

  • Il y a deux ans, nous avons publié notre première infographie sur l’ exploitation des données marketing.

    Aujourd’hui, nous vous proposons une version actualisée et enrichie en intégrant les (Big) Data Marketing et tout ce que ça implique : multiplicité des points de contacts, disparité des informations disponibles, panel de solutions techniques, efficacité du multicanal,…
    En une infographie, nous vous proposons une démarche méthodologique en 6 étapes pour réussir l’exploitation de vos (Big) Data Marketing !

    1,2,3…Exploitez !

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    Data Marketing is a Data-driven Mar-Tech conference & expo designed specifically for marketers active in data & analytics . During our two-day event, attendees will master customer intelligence, use data to map customer journey, and enhance ROI through the use of analytics.

Database Marketing | What is Database Marketing?

¿Existe a día de hoy el concepto de Data Marketing? Sí. ¿Se explotan y conocen todas las posibilidades que ofrece el Data Marketing a empresas? No. Y ahí es donde se debe trabajar para armonizar las grandes oportunidades que aporta a los profesionales del sector.