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Writing A Novel with Ulysses
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Last Exit to Fuengirola
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A Season for the Dead (Dell Suspense)

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  • David Hewson (born 9 January 1953) is a contemporary British author of mystery novels. His series of mysteries, featuring police officers In , led by the young detective and art lover Nic Costa, began with , has now been contracted to run to at least nine instalments by British, American, European and Asian publishers. The author's , , was published by , in the United Kingdom, in 1986. Almost all copies of the book were sent to libraries, and has been reissued. His second book was set in Spain during and won the Fresh Talent prize for one of the best first novels of 1996. Its film adaptation, released In 2002, was also titled . Apart from that he has written a number of standalone novels, including and , and as well the second chapter of the audio serial novel started by , with and 13 other co-writers, for the audiobook site . Hewson write three novels, each based upon the three series of the Danish TV series .

    David Hewson is a British author of crime fiction and mystery novels as well as non-fiction books. He writes the series. Rather than finishing school, Hewson started working for a small newspaper in the north of England. He went on to work for The Times and The Independent. David left journalism in 2005 to become a full-time novelist.

  • David Hewson made his debut as a published novelist in 1986 with the novel Shanghai Thunder. Below is a list of David Hewson’s books in order of when they were originally published:

    David Hewson Synopsis: In Native Rites by David Hewson, Miles and Alison move out to the country, giving Miles a daily commute to the city for work. Alison stays at home to meet the not-so-friendly locals. Miles, on the other hand, has a better experience with the gang at the pub. During an annual bonfire festival, Alison thinks she may have seen something happen, which involved her husband. Has the village conspired to commit murder?

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      David Hewson is well-known for his crime-thriller fiction set in European cities. He is the author of nine novels in the highly acclaimed Detective Nic Costa series, which are set mostly in Rome. His most recent novel, apart from The Killing, is Carnival for the Dead - set in Venice. David spent time in Copenhagen researching and writing the novel of The Killing, which was created by Soren Sveistrup and produced by DR - Danish Broadcasting Corporation and has won prestigious awards throughout Europe including a BAFTA, Best European Production at Monte Carlo TV Festival and numerous International Emmy nominations.

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    Het uiterlijk en de kalme, verzorgde spraak van David Hewson doen een uiterst conservatieve Engelsman vermoeden. Iemand die wikt en weegt en het liefst weinig beweegt onder het motto: “waarom veranderen als alles goed gaat?” Maar, schijn bedriegt. Liefst drie keer in zijn carrière als schrijver, besloot Hewson (Yorkshire, 1953) tot een ingrijpende verandering. De eerste switch was toen hij in 1986 zijn journalistieke werk voor kranten en tijdschriften inwisselde voor een reeks wisselvallige misdaadromans. Zijn tweede switch was toen hij in 2003 een serie startte rond de in Rome werkende Italiaanse inspecteur Nic Costa. Twaalf thrillers in het totaal waarmee Hewson internationaal doorbrak. Toch kreeg Hewson genoeg van zijn ooit zo diep beminde Italië. Toen hij in 2011 de kans kreeg om de Scandinavische tv-hit The Killing in boekvorm om te zetten greep hij de kans met beide handen aan. Zowel de pers als het publiek omarmden de unieke driedelige reeks. Daarna vond Hewson het opnieuw tijd voor verandering. Tijdens een van zijn bezoeken aan Amsterdam, besloot hij zijn volgende reeks in Amsterdam te situeren, met een gloednieuwe hoofdrolspeler. Het eerste deel in die reeks, Poppenhuis, ligt inmiddels in de winkel.