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DC Super Hero Girls

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  • It comes as no surprise that Warner Bros is seeking to make more DC superhero games after the success of the Arkham series. What is surprising is how four of those games have been and gone without solid information regarding another.

    Marvel games. DC games. Pitting the two comic companies against each other is such a natural progression that we're kicking ourselves for not having done it already. We've seen these characters face off in the comic world, so let's check out what happens when we pit their games against each other. It's the ultimate comic company video game fight to the finish!

  • DC Games 08' Green Team. . Wallpaper and background images in the Chelsea Staub club tagged: chelsea staub jonas disney channel games jason dolley.

    DC's games are damn good, but the company's lack of boldness in the multimedia front translates to fewer games, and thusly, fewer good games. Outside of a slew of Batman-related titles, there just aren't very many DC games. Marvel, however, has a ton of games starring a ton of characters. X-Men, Spider-Man, any of the Avengers ... hell, even has his own title hitting shelves soon. Until DC decides to step up their game and produce more electronic entertainment, make mine Marvel!

  • From the golden, nostalgia-filled days of the NES and the Genesis, to the current crop of high-powered PCs and consoles, there are few DC games that have managed to stick with us as well as these games have. Thankfully, not every game developed under the DC banner happened to be as bad as Superman 64. Many came close, but even that golden standard is hard to top. Anyway, here are the 10 Best DC Comics Games That Aren’t in the Batman: Arkham Series, otherwise heretofore known as the longest list title in the ComicsAlliance catalog. Probably.

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The series has been the most talked about and revered video game of the last five years. Though it hasn’t been the only DC game released in that timeframe, few have managed to capture the conversation in same way as . Of course, there were dozens of DC games released over the years, that were arguably as enjoyable even if they didn’t resonate quite as much. What can we say, not every game puts you in the shoes of the Dark Knight.