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StealStreet SS-G-91729 Humor Life "Doctor Of The Year" Figurine, 5.25"

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  • Fortunately, we end on a high. The Third Doctor from The Green Death is perhaps the best presented of all the Doctor figurines so far. The likeness is totally there, The paint is detailed – particularly on the jacket piping – and the hair looks right with its darker wash over white. If there is one little niggle, it’s the Sonic Screwdriver. It doesn’t look as much like the Third Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver as perhaps a toy of quite a different purpose. It’s the only real downside to a very successful figurine.

    Guys, guys, guys! I’m sorry, I’ve only done half a job! For anyone who follows this blog, I tend to post images of future pre-production and digital sculpts for release in the Doctor Who Figurine collection line. I didn’t think there were any updates to post, but my regular source, ‘s twitter feed has added a few figures to come out. I don’t know the exact issues these figurines come with other than so far, issue 55 is Dalek Sec in his humanoid form, issue 56 is the First Doctor and Issue 60 is the Eighth Doctor from Night of the Doctor.

  • This vinyl Doctor Who figurine is about 6 1/2 inch tall and looks just like the Doctor and he sure has a focused stare. And yes he wears his long blue coat that is red lined.

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    A rather wonderful addition is the face sculpt of Matt Smith’s successor, Peter Capaldi. this is a lovely sculpt and an excellent accessory. It makes me even more keen for the 12th Doctor figure when it’s released.

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Last in the list is the Ninth Doctor, as played by Christopher Eccleston. This is my favourite of the Doctor figurines so far as it’s been painted with a little more care and attention to detail than his other selves. This time, the paint job seems to work with the sculpt so the likeness isn’t lost, which must be tough in this scale.