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Ponds, and Pond Life - Doctor Who Specials: The Science of Doctor ..

Iv been collecting drwho dvds for years now and here in the uk you can buy [ secondhand] dvds for less than a pound. its SO cool

Doctor Who: The Complete First Series

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  • I have been collecting the Dr Who dvds from WHSmiths i have just been told that they stopped at issue 152 can you tell me how to carry on the collection.

    Keeping up the BBC Dr Who DVD tradition, the Dr Who Series 3 box set is expertly designed with a great attention to detail and is generous with its extras.

  • Did you stock up on some great Doctor Who DVDs? Go on, add them to your cart or your wish list so you don't miss out. It's easy to be overwhelmed with choice in this category because of the huge selection. The best way to think of Dr Who is there's the original classic series and the new series that started in 2005. With the new Doctor Who DVDs a good place to start is getting the complete season box sets, that way you can watch them in chronological order so you don't miss anything and can follow the story arcs. If you haven't seen Doctor Who before you really should see what the fuss is about and understand the pop culture references with the Tardis and Daleks and grab at least one classic Dr Who DVD so you can see how it all began and watch all the Doctors.

    Doctor Who DVDs are the ultimate in Sci Fi DVDs. There is nothing better in Sci Fi than Dr Who DVDs. We have all the seasons and all the stand alone Dr Who and DVD box sets including Blu Ray movies. Doctor Who tends to bridge the gap in being loved by us Sci Fi geeks and Doctor Who nerds and with the average DVD fan. It's not hard to see why once you've seen a Dr Who DVD. You don't need to know much about Sci Fi or Dr Who to enjoy a Doctor Who DVD. Whether you watch a whole season or just one Dr Who DVD. Here we have the original Doctor Who DVDs from decades past and the new Doctors. So if you're a fan here's the place to keep checking to make sure you have all the Doctor Who DVDs. Or if you're looking for your first Doctor Who DVD this is the place to start. Hope you enjoy our Doctor Who DVDs.

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