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A Drinking Life: A Memoir

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  • We also recognize that when heavy drinking and life problems are both present then they can both affect each other in a negative fashion--it does not necessarily matter which one came first. It may be perfectly fine to mourn a loved one by drinking for one night at a wake. To continue to do so every night for the next ten years may, however, be problematic. If you find that life issues and drinking are affecting each other negatively then we at HAMS are here to support you while you make changes in one or the other or in both. What you choose to change is your choice--not ours. No one here at HAMS will dictate to you the course which your changes need to take.

    Sometimes in life we make choices that can have far-reaching consequences, not only for ourselves. Drinking Life seems to be in part about the impact of choices made.

  • Loyalty is another issue Drinking Life approaches. Do you really have to be loyal to a person you pretty much think is detestable? I kept thinking – Why does this person not get over themself and why do the rest let themselves be bullied by that person? Isn’t it possible to say “enough is enough”?

    Since I quit drinking my lifestyle has shifted. It’s attracted new people into my life that are generally healthier and more active than the circles I was in before.

    A Drinking Life: A Memoir
    Pete Hamill
    Snippet view - 1994

  • A Drinking Life: A Memoir
    Pete Hamill
    No preview available - 1994

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