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Bob Dylan Lyrics How to Conduct Your Team Building Activity in Singapore

The Lyrics: 1961-2012

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    My verdict: While this release takes many steps forward to become the ultimate edition of this book, by largely updating the 1985 edition, I find it sad to say that this is far from its goal of being the definitive edition of the complete Dylan lyrics, and mainly that's because of a negligent (or lazy) compiler. If you really need to have (almost) all of Bob's written songs printed in one place, elegantly presented, then you will be glad to purchase this. But, when you find that a certain Bob Dylan song you know is missing, remember this warning."}">

  • Dylan has had a few things to say about money over the years, and more than a few lines could have made our list of the Top 10 Bob Dylan Lyrics. The stakes seem to be the highest in ‘Master of War,’ making the manner in which some people profit (financially and politically) off of the anguish and deaths of others so absolutely horrific. But the lyric is just as potent out of context. Money is never a good path to salvation.

    About this time last year, we ran a post about . Predictably enough, including Bob Dylan in said feature set off something of a comments section firestorm, even though we were pretty clear about the fact that we didn’t think the lyricists in question were bad — just perhaps not as great as people liked to make out. Anyway, we’re not Dylan haters here, and in celebration of the arrival of his new album , which is out tomorrow, we thought we’d share our all-time favorite Dylan lyrics. Of course, this is entirely subjective, so do let us know your favorites, too.

    These are some of my favorite Bob Dylan Lyrics. I grew up listening to Dylan, and have continued through-out my life. I'll stick mostly to the seventies for this quiz. I'll provide the lyric, you provide the song.

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