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Amazon eGift Card

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  • Just click on the name of a particular gift card. The details page that pops up gives instructions for checking the card's balance–typically either online or by phone. Please if you cannot locate the gift card balance info for a particular card.

    I know you guys remember me telling you about earning FREE gift cards online by signing up for . Well have I got a surprise for you!!! They are now giving away a FREE $5 gift card to every 10th person to complete a survey along with the other great prizes that you normally win! That’s a nice added bonus!! So head on over and sign up so you can start trying for a FREE gift card! How fun!!!!

  • The major difference between a gift card and a prepaid card is that prepaid cards are reloadable while gift cards are not. can also be used anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted, while most gift cards can only be used at particular stores. There are, however, MasterCard gift cards and Visa gift cards, which can be used anywhere, but they typically have additional fees relative to a store gift card.

    While you can purchase gift cards basically anywhere, our admittedly biased recommendation is that in most cases you do so online. Buying a gift card online allows you to come up with ideas that you may have not otherwise considered, check a person's , and immediately send them the gift card of your choice.

    • Start a new card program
    • Switch your current program
    • Use tablets, terminals or both
    • Single location or 100s
    • No per-transaction fees
    >> Program Startup Options
    • Premium-quality, full color
    • For your card system or ours
    • Gift cards, loyalty cards
    • Free art layout, fast turnaround
    • Promotional cards & keytags
    >> Pricing & details
    • 100s of gift card holder designs
    • Sleeves, hangers, envelopes
    • Petals envelopes, pillow boxes
    • Acrylic countertop displays
    • Custom gift card holder printing
    >> View stock gift card holders

  • Order cards for your current system, or start a new card program.
    New POS systems are revolutionizing the way merchants of all sizes manage purchases, payments, gift cards and customer loyalty programs at the point of sale.
    If you already have a solution in place you like, eCard Systems provides certified gift card production for most systems and card programs. Or, use our standalone iPad or Android app to run a variety of gift card, prepaid and loyalty programs independently.
    Call or Contact Us today for more information, product samples, or to discuss the specific details of your business and card program goals. It's our job to help you succeed.

    Our objective is to build a community of consumers who are interested in sharing their important opinions about shopping/purchasing across a broad array of categories including specific brand, product, service and experience offerings. Since your opinions will represent you and many others, it is important that we ask a few preliminary questions to help profile our community members. Once accepted to the community, you will be able to enter sweepstakes for prizes including $50 Gift Cards for some of the surveys you complete, as well as have opportunities to earn individual gift cards. As a reminder, please be assured that we respect your privacy and that we will not provide your personal information to third parties for telemarketing, e-mail or direct mail solicitation”

iCARD Gift Card - Emailable Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

While many millennials and baby boomers prefer a gift card that can be used at a variety of locations, instead of just one store, there's often an extra cost for those cards.