Fablehaven (Fablehaven Series #1)

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And why is this Fablehaven series so perfect for me especially?
Keys to the Demon Prison (Fablehaven Series #5) by Brandon Mull

Fablehaven Complete Set (Boxed Set): Fablehaven; Rise of the Evening Star; Grip of the Shadow Plague; Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary; Keys to the Demon Prison

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  • In 2013 Brandon Mull announced there would be a five book series that spin-off the first Fablehaven series. It will feature the same world and characters and is currently titled Dragonwatch. Book one will be coming Fall 2016 from Shadow Mountain Publishing.

    In 2012, Clark Schaffer, owner of Schaffer Studios, bought the rights to "Fablehaven" and is teaming up with author to make the movie. There are multiple fan pages in support of a Fablehaven movie on Facebook: Fablehaven Movie Support; Fablehaven Movie Series; and several Fablehaven pages.

  • All that said, Grip of the Shadow Plague was another good read from the Fablehaven series for young adult readers and should keep their interest. Both my wife and I agree that this will start to appeal more to boys with Seth's new-found "wisdom" (and I use quotes because he isn't there yet, but well on his way).

    , author of said, "The Fablehaven books are so entertaining that I read the first three in a single sitting. They kept me turning the pages until 4:40 in the morning. Each book was better than the last! Brandon Mull is a talented new fantasy writer, and I can't wait to read more from him. The world he has created is deep, intriguing, magical, and full of surprising discoveries and unexpected dangers. I especially liked his two main characters, Kendra and Seth. They both act like real people, and unlike many fictional siblings, they help and support each other when they're in trouble. The Fablehaven series is one of the most enjoyable fantasies I've read in the past few years. I only wish I could have read it when I was ten or twelve."

    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    I loved this stunning finale to the Fablehaven series. The only complaint i had was that the end was kinda abrupt and stopped to soon. I wish Brandon Mull would write a short sequal about where the characters are going with life. My favorite characters were Kendra, Seth, Bracken, and Raxtus. I think the Sphinx, Vanessa, Trask, Kendra, and Seth should be the next Eternals. Im so glad Kendra finally got to see a unicorn. In the fifth installment of the Fablehaven saga, the great brother-sister team Kendra and Seth, rush to stop the Sphinx and the Society of the Evening Star from opening Zyxzz. Seth is captured by the Sphinx and meets a new character, Bracken, a unicorn who becomes the Knights of Dawn's greatest asset. When Seth tries to help a demon in need his plan backfires and the odds of saving the world are pretty grim. Meanwhile Bracken and Kendra race to save the people who are the only things standing in the way of victory for the Society. Will the Knights of Dawn prevail or will the Society of the Evening Star Complete their world destructive task?

  • kam9 More than 1 year ago
    My son loves the Fablehaven series, he couldn't wait to get this latest edition. He received a gift card for Christmas and he saved it for this book. He was so excited about it he made me get online and help him preorder it. He is 12 and loves reading, he reads his favorite books over and over and I can't count the times he has read these books. I think this series is great for any age. My mom stayed with us for a few weeks and my son had her read them and she enjoyed them aswell.


    I cant' wait to read the next book in your Fablehaven series...You are incredibly talented...Will you keep writing stories that intertwine myths in them? I hope so!!

    Stacey R.

Series Books for Girls: The Fablehaven Series Part 1

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