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Folk & Fairy Tale Easy Readers Parent Pack: 15 Classic Stories That Are "Just Right" for Young Readers

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  • This is a great freebie from teachers pay teachers. There are free posters to put in the classroom with definitions of various genres of books including fairy tales and folktales.

    Both fairy tales and folk tales are instructive. Meaning, they leave the readers or listeners a few lessons. They also give caution to readers about the possible outcome of a particular behavior or attitude. These stories would revolve around a major character who would experience and suffering but survive because of finding the way to make things right in the story. Traditional folk tales and fairy tales are made for entertainment, but they can be scary. These make them effective in inculcating manners and to youngsters.The major character discovers resolution differently from the two types of literature. In folk tales, the characters would resolve conflicts by using their human capacities. The characters are usually patterned after societal stereotypes which can take on the guise of a stepmother, evil stepsisters, kind, loving fathers, fair maidens, etc. The conflict then arises from the human vs. nature or human vs. human form. Thus, the characters survive through carefully planned strategies that reflect real-life situations.

  • Fairy tales and folk tales have been a part of almost everyone’s childhood. Everyone in today’s generation is familiar with Disney’s Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, etc. All of these are actually fairy tales. However, fairy tales and folk tales differ from each other, even if it has become hard to distinguish one from the other. Many stories today incorporate either one or both in order to make their stories enchanting and appealing to the readers.

    Tall tale heroes. Caldecott-winning illustrator grew up hearing both classic fairy tales and American folktales. He is particularly drawn to the tall tale heroes in African American storytelling, with characters like John Henry.

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