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Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators: Mastering the Art of Drawing from Memory

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  • Freehand Sketching is an integral part of the design process, these techniques allows the designer of artist to express any idea or concept that comes to mind. This technique is particular valuable because it gives the designer the freedom to express him or herself without any restrictions. In other words the designer is able to make sketches continuously and at the same time new ideas and concepts are shaped and formed in the brain. The technique of brain storming is invaluable to generate new ideas and concepts. Ideation is the technique which students use to explore new ideas and concepts. There are several techniques and they and these techniques are discussed in the ideation section. A student who has developed good freehand sketching techniques has the opportunity to sketch and create without any limits. The hand literally becomes the extension of the brain and 'paints' pictures that tells a thousand words. As the designer sketches the onlookers will be stimulated to think and new ideas will emerge. See the video clips below and experience how new ideas are generated for yourself when you watch these great tutorials! The collaborative process is a very effective and a powerful way to discuss ideas and to create a 'think tanks' within a group or peer directed setting. Students are encourage to discuss, critique, evaluate, and asses their own work and the work of others. In class get up and go to a peer and discuss your design work, it is invaluable to collaborate about design ideas and concepts with peers and others. New vistas open up when collaboration and consultation begins!

    Unformatted text preview: Freehand SketchingTechniquesFreehand SketchingFreehand Sketch of Orthographic ViewsFreehand1Freehand SketchingFreehand Isometric Pictorial SketchFreehandFreehand SketchingFreehand Shaded Sketch (Very nice!)Freehand2Freehand SketchingDrawing Grids:DrawingOrthographicIsometric(Square)PerspectiveFreehand SketchingSketching Technique:Sketching3Freehand SketchingSketching Long Lines:SketchingFreehand SketchingSketching Circles and Arcs:Sketching4Freehand SketchingPoorly Drawn Circles:PoorlyFreehand SketchingProportioned Drawings:Proportioned5Freehand SketchingTypes of Sketches:TypesOrthographic ViewsFreehand SketchingTypes of Sketches:TypesIsometric PictorialOblique PictorialPerspective View6Freehand SketchingSketching an Isometric Ellipse:Sketching7...

  • The following are a series of exercises designed to help improve visualisation and freehand sketching techniques. These can be used as a method of improvement and practice.

    Exercise 1: Negative Space Sketching

    Exercise 2: Upside-down Sketching

    Exercise 3: Contour Sketching

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