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  • Friend to lover #4 Can you both trust each other? I mean completely, after knowing each other’s secrets and affairs with other people. Frankly, both of you felt that spark and get attracted to each other. Can you trust your friend to not fall in love with someone else again? Or do you still think your friend might pounce on another friend or indulge in text flirting with someone while your back is turned? [Read: ]

    Friend to lover #5 Are you really in love? Or do you just have a fling in mind? Do you think moving further from friends to lovers is a good option? Are there benefits other than just taking each other’s clothes off?! It’s alright to want to see how a good looking friend looks naked, but that’s definitely not the biggest reason to want to go out with them. You may be more interested in being a .

  • Friend to lover #3 Are both of you willing to slide back and compromise to each other’s wants and needs? You may have a lot of chemistry, but without compromises, all the passion and sexual chemistry in the world can’t make a difference.

    Friend to lover #2 Do either of you have a few habits that totally piss off the other person? If you do, the chances of lasting can be slim. Annoying habits are cute only for the first few months, it can annoy the hell out of you after that!

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  • "This report was a real eye-opener for me! After reading this report I saw what has been in front of me all along. 'Friends to Lovers' just put everything into words so that it didn't seem so confusing. Some how I think society subdued in us what has been a natural part of our species from day one. And it still works today. What an epiphany. Thank you for writing it."~Anon

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    Friend to lover #1 Do you have compatible personalities? You know your friend’s behavior best when they’re in a relationship. They may be flirty with others or they may become too possessive. Whatever it is, do you think both of you are ready for a serious relationship?

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The Turning a Friend into a Lover Spell is very similar to a , as they are both designed to bring two parties together in an environment of love and mutual affection. However, this particular spell has a little something extra that will help to remove any preconceived notions and fears that are often related to turning a friend into a lover. That way, your friend will feel completely comfortable and open in the new phase of your relationship.