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    David A. Kring

    "From the Earth to the Moon" is a brief, but vivid video and audio recording that Provides an inspirational view of the lunar surface, which humans have not visited since 1972, despite being the best and most accessible place in the solar system to explore the fundamental principles of our origins; Highlights vast portions of the lunar surface that have yet to be explored; and Demonstrates how new images are revealing dramatic details of future landing sites suitable for both robotic and human missions.

    The scenes in the video are so dramatic that you may find yourself reaching out to pick up a rock and becoming restless to walk among the lunar peaks. We encourage you to download the HD version of the video (see link below) to fully marvel at this tour of the lunar surface.

    The beautiful lunar landscapes captured in the video include exposures of the lunar crust that will reveal, if sampled by future missions, the earliest processes associated with the formation of the Earth-Moon system, the evolution of the Moon through a period with a planet-wide magma ocean, and a subsequent period of intense bombardment that repeatedly modified the surfaces of the Earth, Moon, and all other inner solar system planets. That late period of heavy impact bombardment may have been triggered by a re-arrangement of outer solar system planets. Thus, the Moon is providing details of our own origins, the origins and evolution of all inner solar system planets, and the origin and evolution of outer solar system planets. Moreover, that period of bombardment immediately precedes the earliest isotopic evidence of life on Earth and, thus, may have been involved in the origin and early evolution of life on Earth. Previous missions explored only a tiny portion of the Moon. And current exploration of space from the International Space Station has left us trapped in low Earth orbit. To further understand the planet-altering processes described above and to further develop the technical capabilities needed to explore space, we need to return to the lunar surface. Let's Never Stop Exploring.

    "From the Earth to the Moon" is produced from an integrated set of lunar images and topographical measurements. The video is not an animation sequence or artistic rendering of the Moon. Most of the images and topographical data were obtained by the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), in particular, the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) and Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA) teams, and rendered by ourselves, Robert Kooima at Louisiana State University, and the Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio.

    From the Earth to the Moon chronicles, of course, that most epic of all journeys: that from our own planet to the moon. This is something that has gone relatively unrecognized within history classes, and that near omission is a crying shame. Everything that was put

  • There is an , which is defined as the average distance from the Earth to the Sun, but I have never heard of AO or AOS as a unit of measurement. AOS is used as an abreviation for "Acquisition of Signal" for spacecraft telemetry, however.

    The absorption of infrared radiation trying to escape from the Earth back to space is particularly important to the global energy balance. Energy absorption by the atmosphere stores more energy near its surface than it would if there was no atmosphere.

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    From the Earth to the Moon
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    From the Earth to the Moon is a stunning masterpiece that captures the triumph of a defining moment in the history of the world: Humankind's arrival to, short exploration of, and return from, it's planetary neighbor the Moon.

    Tom Hanks brought together actors, writers, directors, producers, and composers of the highest caliber to deliver an accurate, outstanding, hard hitting film.

    From the Earth to the Moon is a 12 hour movie spanning the United States involvement in the space race from the first man in space in 1961 to the last lunar landing in 1972. The movie teaches, gives insights, paints portraits of real people, and is simply fascinating.

    The stories told in From the Earth to the Moon are inspiring, captivating, funny, thrilling, and heartbreaking. The true stories are absolutely unforgettable, stories of the men, women, and machines of the Apollo era.

    All the stories presented in the film are special, and one that touched me was the story of Apollo 7. With the tragedy of Apollo 1, the movie reveals how Apollo 7 and its crew were America's last chance to make it happen. The movie beautifully presents the pressure Wally Shirra, his crew, and NASA were under before the lift-off of Apollo 7. Had Apollo 7 failed, the space program certainly would have stopped and the world would have never experienced Apollo 11's lunar landing.

    The live footage shown from the Apollo 7 lift-off is awesome and spectacular. Generations from now will watch Apollo 7's lift-off to be amazed that humans could achieve such an engineering and technical marvel and scholars will debate in awe how the political, social, and economic environments of the time made such an event possible.

    After viewing the entire movie, I was struck with sense of sadness. The Apollo program seemed to allow people's ideas to flourish and pull together around one common goal. That goal, of landing a man on the moon, was noble and exciting. It drew on man's positive strengths to explore, learn, move forward, and better the human condition. Someday, mankind must again reach for the stars.

    From the Earth to the Moon will stay with you for a long, long time.

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