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Title: From This Day Forward (TV Movie 2012)

From This Day Forward: Five Commitments to Fail-Proof Your Marriage

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  • The From This Day Forward Experience is an exciting and fun weekend event for couples to fine tune, refocus or even reboot their relationship. For couples who are already married it will give you insights and tools to fail proof your marriage. For engaged couples, or those thinking about marriage in the near future, you will get the pre-marriage care and info you need to launch into the fail proof marriage you've dreamed about.

    The choices you make each and every day determine not only your relationship with God but also the quality of your marriage. The decisions you make today will determine the marriage you will have tomorrow. In From This Day Forward, you will discover five commitments that will absolutely fail-proof your marriage:

  • We used From This Day Forward and had Donna Mount as our officiant, and she was absolutely amazing! The ceremony was the one thing I never had to worry about – I knew everything was under control and that Donna would handle any issues that came up so I could relax. The

    FROM THIS DAY FORWARD is a story of trust and expectations. As one married couple deals with baggage from the past, another newly engaged couple deals with the future may hold!

    Guest More than 1 year ago
    I was a big fan of Cokie's last book, We Are Our Mother's Daughters, because I admired and enjoyed how she wove her experiences in with more historical examples of how women have lived and loved over the last century. I eagerly anticipated her and her husband's new book, From This Day Forward. I actually enjoyed this more than her first book - she and Steve give us the transcripts of many conversations they had over the months as they labored on this book and those talks are a delightful window into their marriage. The chapters alternate between their conversations about chunks of their lives together from when they first met and progressed from a college relationship to getting married to their times abroad and their struggles with careers, religion, and children. Unlike many authors, they do not gloss over the hard times but seem to give the reader an accurate picture of their marital, domestic, and career triumphs and struggles and the lessons they learned. The personal chapters alternate with historical examinations of marriages including famous ones like John and Abigail Adams to little-studied ones like commonlaw marriages among slaves in the last century. The chapter on the Adams marriage was a particular favorite since I am an American history buff who had no idea what a large role Abigail played in her husband's success nor had I any clue the kinds of turmoil that early American women suffered through since most books focus on the politics and military side of the revolutionary period. The interwoven narratives are crisp and relative to the Roberts' account of their marriage and they provide pleasant diversions from the chronological memoir of Steve and Cokie's marriage. A unique and enjoyable way of combining social history with personal memoir!

  • KatsNook 22 days ago
    From This Day Forward is a steamy prequel to author Lauren Layne’s The Wedding Belles series. Now that I have had a taste I can’t wait to read the next book!! This novella is a short introduction to the ladies of the Wedding Belles, an elite New York wedding planning agency. Leah McHale is an up-and-coming wedding photographer offered the assignment that can launch her career. But there is one problem she must face – working with her ex Jason Rhodes. Jason broke Leah’s heart last year and she is just now trying to move on. They both agree to work together and Leah insists on being professional. Being professional is difficult with their reunion stirring up old feelings and sizzling chemistry. This is my first book from author Lauren Layne and I loved this! The ladies of the Wedding Belles are business partners and supportive friends. I can’t wait to learn more about them. Leah and Jason’s love story was quick but it was filled with emotion. In this quick story I got the full sense of who they were but I wanted more! I hope they are featured in more books in this series. I highly recommend From This Day Forward to fans of second chance romances. This is perfect read to some romance to your day.

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Starting right now—from this day forward.

Rosemary DeCamp, who plays Susan's sister Martha, is another chameleon I admire tremendously. Was there any accent she couldn't do? Meryl Streep's got nothing on Rosemary DeCamp (grin). I especially admired DeCamp as the Austrian refugee in (1941) and the warm German-accented psychiatrist she played in (1945). In FROM THIS DAY FORWARD she sports a tough Bronx accent. The frazzled Martha initially cautions Susan to contemplate the down side of married life before she weds, but at the same time, as the film goes on, it becomes more clear that Martha herself has a loving marriage and that the blustery Hank (Morgan) has a good heart.