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  • The GaiaMind Project is dedicated to exploring the idea that we, humanity,are the Earth becoming aware of itself. From this perspective, the nextstep in the evolution of consciousness would seem to be our collective recognitionthat through our technological and spiritual interconnectedness we representthe Earth growing an organ of self-reflexive consciousness. One of the mosteffective ways to intentionally participate in this process may be simultaneousglobal meditations. We hope to serve as a catalyst for global healing bybringing forth practical, creative, spiritually-based solutions to the challengesbefore humankind and the planet. The Project serves as a bridge to explorethe interface between science, medicine, philosophy and the world's spiritualwisdom traditions.

    "Imagine people all over the world sharing a moment of meditation and prayer," GaiaMind says. "Each person healing the social, ecological and spiritual challenges before us."

  • The GaiaMind Project is a not-for-profit trans-denominational effort dedicatedto spreading awareness of global meditation and prayers as they arise. Weare particularly interested in those which explicitly focus on the tranformationof global consciousness, but we support all posative efforts without regardto content so long as participation is open to all and does not requirebelief in any particular religion or ideology, including astrology.

    Joan Renée Cartwright was born in Queens, New York. She is a musician, composer, author, poet and historian who currently resides in Florida. In addition to her CDs, Cartwright is the author of nine books including the poetry collection, GaiaMind Poem, published in 2006, and Joan Cartwright Song Book, submitted to the Guinness Book of Records for designation as the "First woman in the world with a jazz and blues song book."

    The spectacular ‘Snowflakes’ of 1997 had multiple influencing factors instrumental in their creation, and there were at least three major events of Collective Conscious focus that, in my view, contributed directly to the genesis of their particular designs. I will elaborate further on them in following paragraphs. The first of the contributing events was the controversial, and subsequently dismissed as the hoax it was, Oliver’s Castle Lights video that supposedly shows a ‘Snowflake’ crop formation being created by flying balls of light. The second event contributing to the snowflake designs was a synchronised worldwide meditation for the healing of the Earth Mother Gaia, called the GaiaMind Global Meditation in January 1997. The third main contributing event was a gathering

  • Gaiam TV is now Gaia, same original transformative content but with a brand new look!

    We are facing a unique crisis as our renewed vigor for attaining enlightenment clashes with our materialist based economy and fear-based politics. Is there a way we can reconcile our current systems with the new spiritual paradigms? If not, how can we reform them? Daniel Pinchbeck explores the cultural benefits of enlightenment with comedian Russell Brand and playwright Eve Ensler in this interview originally webcast October 15, 2013

    Russell Brand offers his insightful perspectives on spirituality, economics and politics without abandoning his unique zeal and sense of humor. It is an entertaining and informative account on the profound benefits of individual enlightenment. The conversation continues with Eve Ensler as they offer further insights on reforming our fear and consumerism based cultures. Individually and collectively, we can stop being passive and become the transformers of our own lives.

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