From Husky to Hottie - A Magical Genderswap Story

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Cheerleader Tryouts: A Gender-Swap Story (Gender-Swap Stories Book 2)

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  • Genderswap is a and in which one or more characters switch binary sexes, such as depicting a male character as a cis woman. Genderswap as a term actually covers several different fandom tropes. In fanart, it often it often indicates works in which the fanartist depicts a binary-gendered character as a cis person of a different gender. Genderswap fic is a subset of the more general type of fic and can include several different scenarios. In one, a "swap" of the character's sex is usually carried out by some magical or technological device, making the trope popular in sci-fi or fantasy stories. In most genderswap stories, the character is restored to their original sex by the end, although some stories consciously subvert this trope. As in fanart, though, sometimes a genderswap fic involves writing a binary-gendered character as a cis person of a different gender.

    had a genderswap (actually a , too) in canon in the final episode, , and in one of the first collections of professionally distributed fiction, in . Despite this, genderswap stories have only become hugely popular in the ; much easier to find in recent fandoms like , , and than in , or .

  • Further pointing to the fact that the is not what has been changed, in the large majority of genderswap stories, the character who has been swapped as part of the plot retains their pronouns in the (generally) third person narrative.

    More recent genderswap stories, and genderswap stories in newer fandoms (especially ) are more likely to reference, overtly or not, as part of the genderswap.

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    Related: Genderfuck, Bodyswap, Transfic
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