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No Rhyme, No Reason
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  • George Duke’s musical ascent began shortly after he graduated from San Francisco Conservatory with a degree in trombone and composition and a minor in contrabass; though Duke became known for his work as a pianist, the depth of his rhythmic sensibilities remains obvious across his catalog. He met with critical acclaim after releasing in 1969. George Duke spent his career recording and touring with a host of musical icons including Frank Zappa, Airto Moreira, Sheila E., Anita Baker, Cannonball Adderley, Milton Nascimento, Stanley Clarke, Flora Purim, Rachelle Ferrell and Miles Davis.

    As impressive as his stats are, his musical influence – particularly his pioneering exploration in fusion – is a largely immeasurable and priceless contribution to the American musical canon. His thirst for sonic nuance and insatiable afro-futurism are very much the seed of the musical revolution occurring with today’s genre-busting leaders, including – the visionary bassist who practically received the torch from Duke after covering “For Love I Come” – and . A master of vintage keyboards and synthesizers, George Duke’s approach helped to expose the true dynamism of his chosen instrument in ways that he and Stevie Wonder arguably pioneered; that sound would go on to inspire recordings from , and .

  • has passed away at the age of 67. He died in Los Angeles on Monday night after four decades as a legendary keyboardist, producer and influencer across jazz, funk, soul, rock, electronic music and hip-hop. Saying that his death is a devastating blow to fans and fellow musicians may be treading in the territory of trite understatement, but it is absolutely the truth. There is no or rising musician working within the traditions of jazz and blues that would not count George Duke’s music amongst their major sources of inspiration and sample material. There is no who does not own a stash of George Duke LPs, nevermind the legion of DJs crafting sets and reworks around his face melting recordings; Duke’s is one of many tunes from his catalog that still kills on the dancefloor. There is not one living collaborator of George Duke’s that would hesitate to admit to being a fan of his music.

    George Duke worked as the musical director of the , spent time playing jazz festivals and continued recording until shortly before his passing, with his last project arriving in 2013. Duke was preceded in death by his wife Corine, whose 2012 passing inspired – his final studio LP released on – after a period of mourning that initially found him unable to record. Prior to his death, George Duke had been battling chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Duke’s son Rashid issued a statement to the today, thanking his father’s fans:

    Rachelle Ferrell and Group
    Date 12 July 1993
    Venue New Q's
    Line-up Rachelle Ferrell (voc), George Duke (kb), Jeff Johnson (g), Tracy Wormworth (b), Dough Nally (dr)
    Tracks 1 I'm Special
    2 Welcome To My Love
    3 Waiting
    4 Don't Waste Your Time
    5 My Funny Valentine
    6 Peace On Earth
    7 I Can Explain
    8 I Know You Love Me
    9 You Can't Get

  • George Duke Instant Band
    Date 07 July 1993
    Venue Auditorium Stravinski
    Line-up George Duke (kb), Larry Kimpbell (b, eb), Rayford Griffin (dr), Ray Fuller (g), Brian Simpson (p)
    Tracks 1 From The Void
    2 History
    3 Snapshot
    4 Sweet Baby
    5 Good Bye Pork Pie
    6 Six O'Clock
    7 Speak Low
    8 Bus Tours
    9 Mother Ship Connection
    10 Brazilian Love AffairGeorge Duke

    George Duke, who has died aged 67, was one of the brightest stars in the 1970s jazz-funk firmament. In a career that lasted four decades, he was a prolific keyboard player, bandleader, solo artist, music producer and musical director for film and television. Duke lent his talents to a wide range of musical assignments, yet he was rarely a backroom boy – his humour, generosity and sheer musicality shone through whatever he did.

He was 67 years old! RIP George Duke!

"My Piano" from felt like a perfect way to close out this collection. The track takes the listener on a fascinating musical journey, combining African, jazz, Latin, and contemporary Urban styles together, showing the connection between several African-derived musics within a focused approach. Tying together several musical threads with flair has been an ongoing theme in George Duke's career, and "My Piano" highlights this gift definitively.