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  • You are a worker of iniquity when you say 'God hates everyone,' but this, trustinHisname is just a momentary wrong thought of your thinking out wrongly God''s Love to those who choose Him once He's chosed us, WE may have times of iniquity, for saying you have no sin is wrong but being with The Spirit of God in us we will ALWAYS,escape that iniquity.

    When Paul said "none are righteous" and IF that meant there would never be none, then these passages below make no sense. But in fact they do, and they show that all the passages you cited, to teach that God hates everyone, teaches the opposite, God has made a provision for us all, because he loves us.

  • God hates EVERYONE except the Eastboro Baptists. This includes FAGS, black people, every other race except white people, fat people, unattractive people, cancer patients, children, babies, Mexicans, Swedes, Norwegians, Scandinavia in general, non-Americans, all other Americans except us, immigrants (illegal and legal), feminists, liberals, aborted fetus’ (for they have committed the ultimate sin), the cognitively disabled, deaf people, blind people, scientists, Darwin, environmentalists, Al Gore, Jews, Catholics, Evangelicals, Mormons, Muslims (except for the ones who hate the U.S.), Musselman’s Applesauce, people who follow any religion other than our imaginative version of Christianity, citizens of whatever town we happen to be picketing in, victims of any tragedy that makes the national news and their family and friends, kittens, etc. — You are all sinners in the eyes of the almighty God!

    As an impressionable college student with Reformed theological assumptions I came under the teaching of a man who taught this very thing. According to Psalm 5:5, he would say, God hates ALL workers of iniquity. This means God hates everyone because everyone has fallen short of the glory of God and sinned. We are all workers of iniquity and therefore God hates us. All. of. us.

  • I’m realizing that will take time, but I’m committed to the process… because I can’t bear another moment alone in a room with me and this angry god who hates everything about me.

The Lord looks down from heaven upon the children of men, ..

The only way, according to this man, to escape the hatred of God lies in repentance, which in itself has nothing to do with your choice, but lies solely in the foreordained plan of the sovereign God. In other words, God hates everyone, but will come to love those whom He has chosen for Himself. At the point of their acceptance of Christ, God begins to love them.