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Grand Crusades: The Early Jack Vance, Volume Five

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  • Q: Aside from single-author collections, you've also published tribute books (like the one for Jack Williamson, ) and multi-author anthologies, like by Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore and , which collects some of the best stories from that classic magazine. The books published by Haffner Press revolve around science fiction from the Golden Age. Why that focus?

    Q: Although Haffner Press collections contain reprint stories, they end up being remarkably unique. How do you make that happen?

  • First: Begin with excellence. While not every story in an HP title is an acknowledged classic (although many ARE!), you are guaranteed that no expense was spared in selecting the physical components of the book. Second: Give the customer value for their money—the page-count of the typical Haffner Press title is over 600 pages. And then bring all the gloss possible to the Work with extra material such as a learned or personal introduction (ideally from someone who knew the author), obscure or rediscovered selections as an appendix, and look for ways to showcase the original pulp art—either on the dustjacket or as illustrated endpapers. Third: Don’t cut corners. The pages are smythe-sewn, not glued. The boards are heavy stock and the covering is full cloth. Make sure to get it right. A book that runs late is preferable to a book rife with errors.

    In the arena of science-fiction publishing, it's easy to overlook the little guy. That's a shame, since some of the smaller publishers are doing exciting things. Case in point: . For the past 14 years, Haffner Press has been producing definitive collections of classic science-fiction stories that originally appeared in the days of pulp magazines. With beautifully produced books that include collections by Jack Williamson (The Collected Stories volumes), Leigh Brackett (Shannach – The Last: Farewell to Mars), Edmond Hamilton (The Collected Captain Future volumes), Henry Kuttner (Thunder in the Void), and Manly Wade Wellman (The Complete John Thunstone), Haffner Press has seemingly set out to document science-fiction history.

    Small Press Publishers:Haffner Press: Michigan.

  • 1 Brackett, LeighShannach - The Last: Farewell To Mars. 31354
    Haffner Press: Michigan. 2011.
    First edition (& 1st printing).
    Collects seventeen sf stories, with an introduction by Anne McCaffrey and 30-page interview with the author (from 1975): 572 pages.

    Fine copy in a fine dustjacket (as new).

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    Proofreading/copy editing is a nearly a lost art. As most of Haffner Press’ output is reprints, there’s a huge amount of scanning and OCR work to be done. And while I read the manuscript several times during the selection and layout phase, I still have it professionally proofread by third parties. Happily, we produce a pretty clean book. I can think of only one title where I was let down in the proofreading stage.

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Tales From Super-Science Fiction is a fantastic anthology from Haffner Press devoted to the output of one memorable and very original magazine of the times, Super-Science Fiction.