Haggis with neeps and tatties – Photo by AGlugofOil com

Delia's Haggis Pie with Tatties and Neeps and Whisky Sauce recipe

This Haggis Pie with neeps and tatties top is the end result of a quest to find the perfect way to eat haggis.

All Paws on Deck: A Branches Book (Haggis and Tank Unleashed #1)

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  • The haggis was boiled and prepared en croute, first being rolled in Parma ham to prevent any fat leaching out into the pastry and making it soggy. Now, haggis with its spiciness and fattiness can be a bit indigestion inducing, so I thought I would ramp up the experience two-fold by adding that friend of dyspepsia – puff pastry. The haggis was formed into a sausage shape and rolled much like a beef Wellington.

    is often asserted to be the traditional accompaniment for haggis, though this may simply be because both are traditionally served at a . Warren Edwardes of Wine for Spice notes that haggis is spicy and therefore recommends refreshing to drink with haggis with increasing level of sweetness depending in the spiciness of the haggis: , with its high level, can exaggerate peppery (unlike the in , which it dissolves) rather than complement it. Haggis-maker MacSween conducted a taste-test which confirmed that is a proper accompaniment, and adds that lighter-bodied, tannic red , such as those made from the grape, are also suitable, as are strong, powerfully flavoured , such as and .

  • Robert Burns wrote Address to a Haggis in 1787, and every year, on his birthday (January 25th), the Scotts hold a celebration in honor of their favorite poet, complete with reciting his poetry, a hilarious roast of the sexes (gents toast the ladies, ladies roast the gents), haggis with ‘neeps and tatties, and copious amounts of Scotch. Sounds like a good time, right?

    Now the main dish for a Burns Supper is the Haggis with Neeps and Tatties (which is mashed sweede and potato). It’s central to the whole night with the host of the supper reciting one of Burn’s odes to the haggis. It is then cut into two and the supper can begin!

    A Traditional Haggis with Neeps and Tatties & a Wee Dram!

  • Cooking this Burns Supper of haggis, neeps and tatties at Mount Kilimanjaro gave Andrew Fairlie a challenge since the cooking times were longer because of the different boiling point of water at high altitude. There was still an address to the haggis with a whisky toast and a piper played at the summit. This Burns Supper charity fund raising event was organised by Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland and the haggis provided by Simon Howie butcher of Perthshire.

Haggis Tasting with the Southern Man

Original haggis with slow cooked lamb loin
Favourite dish of the night for Mrs M was the Three Bird Haggis. James, who is responsible for innovation and new product design said that ‘t