Harry Potter eBook aufgeschoben

Harry Potter eBook aufgeschoben

Harry Potter EBooks Finally

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two (Special Rehearsal Edition): The Official Script Book of the Original West End Production

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  • , , and have already started advertising the Harry Potter ebooks on their ebookstores, and each directs to the Pottermore website for download. It’s a unique compromise all have engaged in, especially considering the Pottermore website is run by Sony.

    Harry Potter ebooks don’t use traditional that requires you to use specific software to open them. Instead your account ID essentially gets tied to each ebook you purchase; it is show on the copyright page.

  • Barnes & Noble invites customers to experience the series again or discover it for the first time as part of its free exclusive Read In Store™ program. When customers visit any of Barnes & Noble's nearly 700 stores with their NOOK, they can connect to free and fast Wi-Fi® and browse complete Harry Potter eBooks for free through the innovative Read In Store program available only at Barnes & Noble. While in stores, fans can also pick up DVDs of all eight Harry Potter books, as well as toys, games and gifts.

    The Harry Potter ebooks could be ideal if you're off on holiday but don't fancy lugging a ludicrously large tome around in your suitcase, or if you're keen to indulge in some wizarding fantasy but don't want to be seen reading a kids' book on the train. Trust us folks, the back of a Kindle is a more discreet than those daft .

    Angel Vilchez - 29/03/2012

    La saga Harry Potter tardará muchos muchos años en tener un rival a nivel de ventas. Actualmente es uno de los productos comerciales más rentables del planeta y aún no ha terminado de exprimir los mercados, ni las nuevas tecnologías.

    Libros, películas, merchandising... Sólo faltaba ver una buena adaptación de Harry Potter en formato digital, lo cual ya es posible, gracias a Pottermore, la web oficial donde podremos encontrar todos los libros de Harry Potter en eBook, Audio libro y otros formatos de lectura digital.

    La escritora ha decidido vender estos libros digitales sin intermediarios. Para ello ha creado su propia plataforma, aún en versión beta, desde la que los fans podrán hacerse con sus versiones digitales de Harry Potter.

    Lo malo es que de momento sólo están disponibles en Inglés, pero si eres un fan, superfan... no te importará volver a leerlos en su idioma nativo.


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    Ralf Jurrien : July 9th 2012 - 15:01 CET

    Ein Harry Potter eBook lesen? Bisher habe ich die Geschichten des Zauberlehrlings und seine Abenteuer nur als Hardcover gelesen. Im Zuge der weiteren Technisierung würde ich mich gerne auch mit einem Harry Potter eBook bequem in den Sessel setzen und ihn auf meinem eReader lesen. Doch momentan ist das Lesen eines Harry Potter eBook noch nicht möglich. Denn die Veröffentlichung der Harry Potter eBooks wird sich leider verspäten.

Harry Potter eBook by Susan Gunelius - Kobo

Ebook distributor OverDrive suspended pre-sales of Harry Potter ebooks and digital audio books this week, pulling cover images from library databases that had already pre-ordered the books for its April 30 launch.