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The Heart Of Life
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The Heart Of Life [Clean]

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    Retreats don't have to last for days - just a 20 minutes of time set aside can rejuvenate you for the day ahead. Steady Heart Life offers online/virtual retreats for a short daily getaway with you and God. You can also join in small group retreats around the US. We want to connect you with other women in. Small groups allow for friendship, healing & connection which lasts a lifetime.

  • The Steady Heart Life provides professional-led support groups specifically for women. We recognize & respect your unique role. Our groups are aimed at growth, spiritual and personal. We provide expert support in small groups. You can also join group sessions to learn skills to equip you to give wise counsel while connecting with other women just like you.

    We all run into moments when a little insight & advice would go a long way. The Steady Heart Life offers insightful advice to encourage you through difficult situations and relationships. Read blog posts and videos that address common struggles for women in ministry. Be encouraged by videos and other free resources. Connect with us on social media and get your questions answered and on-the-spot support. You don't have to do it alone.

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  • Young Hearts for Life® (YH4L) Cardiac Screening Program, nationally known for its unique model, has screened over 150,000 students for conditions that cause sudden cardiac death. This milestone is a first for any heart screening program of this kind in the United States.

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“Back in February of last year, my son and daughter brought a letter home from their high school (Metea) saying that Young Hearts for Life (YH4L) was offering free ECGs for the students. Our children have always gone for their yearly physicals, so I did not expect anything to be wrong, but the screening was FREE, so why not?