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  • Heather Roche, rescue dog trainer, said, "You know, a major event like that, I appreciate her more. I've had a lot of older dogs that I was probably a little more frustrated with them than I should have been when they got older. With her, you know she's earned the right to do anything she wants."

    Heather Roche, rescue dog trainer, said, "They worked so hard and it was so hot and we were on a day shift, so it melted all of us. Just the work basically --, 12 hour shifts out in the sun. By the time we were done every day, they slept hard. They were sleeping like rocks, but they were willing the next morning. They were rejuvenated and pulling on the leash to go back to work,"

  • For weeks, Red navigated the hazards of the rubble piles amid the clatter and chaos of the days following 9/11. After Red discovered dozens of bodies, Heather Roche was sure that, among all the rescue dogs working the pile, Red was one of the best.

    Heather Roche, rescue dog trainer, said, "I never thought she would be a successful search dog and actually at six months old I found a home for her and had found another dog. I thought she's never going to -- her personality is not what is needed for a working dog. And then, no matter what I asked her to do -- whether it was climbing up things, going somewhere I stayed far away, ladders, you name it -- she did it every single time and she did it perfectly,"

    Red, 12, from Annapolis, Maryland, went with Heather Roche to the Pentagon from September 16 until the 27 as part of the Bay Area Recovery Canines.

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