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  • The history of Honduras is easily seen in the country’s numerous Mayan archaeological sites and structures from early Spanish colonization. The Honduran people are an ethnic mix of native Indian, Garifuna, Spanish and other nationalities.

    Their languages reveal a relationship with the Toltecs and Aztecs of Mexico, the Chibchas of Colombia, and even tribes from the southwestern United States. The western-central part of Honduras was inhabited by the Lencas, who spoke a language of unknown origin. Throughout the history of Honduras, these autonomous groups had their conflicts, but maintained their commercial relationships with each other, and with populations as distant as Panama and Mexico.

  • Those first years of the conquest were filled with many perils according to the history of Honduras. The colony was almost abandoned. Upon the arrival from Guatemala of the adelantado Don Pedro de Alvarado, the foundation of San Pedro de Puerto Caballos, now , was established. Alvarado also ordered the founding of the city of Gracias a Dios, where he began to exploit the gold mines. Later, with the arrival of the adelantado Don Francisco de Montejo, the conquest was consummated, the city of Santa Maria de was founded, the great insurrection stirred up by Lempira was put down, and the city of Gracias a Dios was re-founded where it is now located.

    U.S. influence in Honduran affairs marked the 20th century history of Honduras, most prominently in the 1980s, when the Reagan administration helped prop up the democratic government as neighboring Central American countries succumbed to communist insurrection.

    Honduras became a staging area for anti-Marxist counter-revolutionaries and became entangled in the biggest U.S. political scandal of the 1980s, as the Reagan administration trained and funded Nicaraguan and Salvadoran Contras in Honduras using money made from illegal arm sales to Iran.

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    History of Honduras includes independence, historical figures, important turning points, ancient civilizations, and histories of the many locations of interest and travel destinations.

This article is about the history of Honduras from 1838 to 1932

The modern history of Honduras began on September 15, 1821, when the country declared its independence from Spain. Honduras joined the Mexican Empire briefly before leaving to form the short-lived Federal Republic of Central America and finally achieving full independence in 1838.