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Fantasy Hockey pool guides 2015-16 - HFBoards

The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Field Hockey (The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Sports, 11)

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  • Hockey Pool Guide Book: Another one of those mass market books for the casual hockey poolie. They’ve got the big names of broadcasting all over the cover, and have improved greatly on their write-ups, but it, too, doesn’t go far enough. Goalies are virtually ignored in this book, and for the serious poolie that information is desperately needed. Their prospect section, while better than the Hockey News, is nothing compared to the Forecaster or McKeen’s. Give this one a pass if you are a serious poolie, but it’s worth a read on the news stands if you want a second opinion

    publications we would have hoped for some depth. The Year Book is good for poolies only for player positioning (which is what the leagues I am in do) and little else. Each year they profile the same players, and don’t go into anyone that the average hockey wife wouldn’t know. A pass for your pool. Now their Ultimate Hockey Pool Guide is a useful book, but again mostly for the average office pool type. They go into established players generally, and do little in the way evaluating prospects. They, too, seem to down grade the points of each player from their write ups, which is disappointing. A glitzy looking mag, they give the best presentation and catch the eye of the general public. I would suspect that they will out sell the other guys,

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