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Hot Words for the SAT

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  • Beyond flash cards, Barron’s Hot Words for the SAT also includes a customizable practice exam allowing users to assess their test readiness and track progress. By building an exam by cluster, users can easily identify problem areas and focus valuable study time where it is most needed. Users can also access detailed analytics to review their exam history and statistics like their weekly progress and their cluster strength and weaknesses.

    Incorporating the latest in mobile technology, is an innovative and eminently portable way to review key vocabulary from both the and ACT. With 10 free flash cards and 355 more available through in-app purchase, this app takes a comprehensive approach to test prep. And unlike other study aids, Barron’s Hot Words for the SAT utilizes the highly effective cluster method, grouping words with similar definitions together rather than presenting them in an alphabetical list. This method allows for quicker memorization and recall, leading to a higher score on test day.

  • "There is little doubt that effective preparation is the key to success not just on the SAT and ACT exams but in life itself,” notes Kevin Reville, gWhiz founder. “The beauty of our Barron’s Hot Words for the SAT mobile app is that it allows students to personalize their study materials and, ultimately, optimize their test prep time.”

    Hot words are very simple to learn and use in day-to-day conversations. They are when used independently. However, learning exactly how to use them at the right moments during a hypnotic process is even more powerful and another matter altogether.

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    Barron’s Hot Words for the SAT is now available in iTunes. As a bonus feature, it includes a vocabulary review for the ACT giving users an opportunity to prep for both exams at once. Its unique presentation of clustered vocabulary using a dynamic and portable interface makes this mobile app an invaluable learning aid. Busy high school students will appreciate the opportunity to study on the go, anytime and anywhere.

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It’s a powerful statement to make, because of three hot words – President, secret and the phrase drug addict. Let’s break this down as to why it’s so powerful.