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House of Anubis: Season 1 (5 Discs)

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  • Alfie Lewis is a resident of the House of Anubis, roommates with Jerome and often goofs around with him. He is always getting into trouble, and frequently wears some kind of mask or head. He has a huge crush on Amber. He and Jerome often tease Patricia for her obsession about finding Joy, such as when Jerome brought Patricia into their room and tried to convince her that they could see where Joy is through his fake . While he and Jerome attempt to get back at 7th and 8th graders for getting them put under probation, Alfie ends up trapped in the cellar where he is traumatized by witnessing a Society ritual prior to Sibuna finding him in a catatonic state.

    Joy Mercer is a resident of the House of Anubis who is known for complex personality. Joy is quirky, creative, bubbly, artsy, and dramatic, always demanding the spotlight and loving to be the center of attention. She is a bit of an oddball and loves joking around. However, Joy is a very debatable and complicated character, she is neither black or white, nor good or bad; she is a gray character. She has many sides to her that no one else sees. On the outside, she can appear tough and snarky, but on the inside she is a sensitive girl who is misunderstood by her peers. She is known to have a dangerous streak about her. She is very unpredictable and has a sneaky attitude with a strong determination that constantly gets her into trouble. Joy has been rejected and hurt many times by the people she has loved, which has caused a subconscious distrust of her friends and herself. She herself has never been happy or loved by a guy in a way she's wanted, not once. However, her and Jerome are getting closer mostly because they both understand each other's feelings, as where no one else does. Deep down Joy wants to protect her friends and the people she loves, but her actions may not always be the right way to go about things. In the end, Joy just needs to be loved by someone who won't hurt her because of who she is.

  • Amber Millington is a resident of the House of Anubis and one of Nina's best friends. She is a very girly, sweet, beautiful, girl with a flair for fashion and a strong, unbreakable bond with the group. Amber is very fashion forward - she reads dozens of gossip magazines, owns tons of dresses, shoes and jewelry, and decorates her side of her dorm with all things pink. Amber's father is hinted to be a successful business man and very rich, as she shops all the time and in the beginning of the first season, she talks on her phone with her father, saying she wants a bigger allowance because she saw a beautiful pair of shoes. Amber is hinted to be Nina's third-in-command, as she is the only one Nina could trust next to Fabian. At the beginning of the series she roomed with Mara until the love triangle between them and Mick forces her to room with Nina, becoming one of Nina's best friends and practically her sister. Amber would ultimately play a role as not only one of three founding members of the Sibuna Club, but also giving their group its name and membership gesture. Eventually, after making her peace with Mara and letting Mick go, Amber is taken by Alfie to the prom dance.

    In season 3, Joy is unsettled when it is revealed Nina won't be attending school, fearing something similar happened to Nina as it did to her. Joy started up the old Sibuna again in the beginning of season 3, but ended up quitting a few episodes after. She is a descendant, as her grandmother was on the trip. It was revealed that Joy has a fear of robes after her experiences in the first and third season. Joy is often in the middle of the mysteries that go on in House of Anubis.

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    There will be a season 4, because on the TeenNick commercials it lists all the shows that are on. House of Anubis is in that. Then it says "And new stuff too" and Anubis is listed after that too.

  • iloveisaac123 said:
    there might be a season 4 of house of Anubis but it hasn't been confirmed yet. If there is season 4 nina and amber will come back to the show

    Combining mystery, comedy and drama, House of Anubis is a brand new 60 x 10 min serial from Nickelodeon, launching exclusively on the channel with an hour long special on Friday 25tth February. The show will then screen a new 10 minute episode daily for five weeks.

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