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The Power of I Am Journal: Two Words That Will Change Your Life Today

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  • And it's interesting that just the form of Jesus, his physical presence, couldn't deliver them. But when they hear his voice, that's the aha moment that brings deliverance! Jesus only becomes the Deliverer, when he speaks his Word, and the disciples recognize him! If you have religion, but don't yet have Christ, you need this aha moment: Jesus speaking words of promise into your life, your storms, your drudgery!You who are new to this God-stuff, maybe open to spirituality, you need this aha moment – a flash of recognition that, by his promises to you, Jesus has come to you in the power of his Spirit. You who are new Christians and you who have been Christians from as early as you can remember, we all need this aha moment in Jesus' words of promise. We need to hear in his promises that God is saying: "It's Me. I am in your life, I'll save!"

    Here I am in your life,
    Here you are in mine.
    Yes, we have a suite life
    Most of the time.

    You and me
    We got the world to see,
    So come on down.

    Just me and you
    Know what to do,
    So come on down.

    It's you and me,
    and me and you,
    We got the whole place to ourselves.
    You and me we got it all for free,
    So come on down.

    This is the suite life.

    We've got a suite life!

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