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  • Additionally, a home auto insurance bundle makes policy management and premium payment far easier. Typically, insurers allow customers with multiple policies to make one simple monthly or annual payment and choose a common . Keeping track of your and coverage levels is much more convenient as a result.

    Insurance Bundling and AIG OnlineMany people have seen the advantages of insurance bundling for themselves. People want to save as much money as possible when they're choosing an insurance policy...

  • You may be paying more if you don’t have an auto and home insurance bundle—perhaps as much as 10% to 15% more than those who bundle their policies. Here are some tips for when—and when not— to bundle your car and home insurance.

    One of the top ways to get the best (and fastest) bundling deals is to let an independent insurance agent do it for you. Here’s what else to consider when looking for home and auto insurance bundling deals:

  • Not all insurance companies offer the same types of insurance or all of the policies that you need. In addition, one company’s bundled quote will not be the same as another’s. Shopping for home and auto insurance bundles can be complicated, and you will probably need some advice.

Save money on insurance by bundling policies

Purchasing your home and auto insurance from the same carrier is potentially a very lucrative decision. It is not uncommon for insurers to offer multi-policy , or the discounts offered to customers who bundle two or more types of coverage, of up to 25 percent. Such generous discounts can substantially reduce your overall insurance expenses. On the other hand, an auto and home insurance bundle is not always the right decisions. In certain circumstances, you might actually be better off keeping your policies with separate .