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Then, consider signing up for the  so you know what deals are worth buying this Black Friday.
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So where did this tradition come from, and is Black Friday really that big of a deal?
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Is Black Friday really crazy ?? I mean do I need to wake early to shop or the sales are not that important ?

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  • Retailers want shoppers on Black Friday because companies can’t plan as well for later shopping. Last year, $11 million went into television advertising for Black Friday, almost five times the money spent for 2011 ads. Even so, four of the ten biggest shopping days are expected to be during the week leading up to Christmas.

    But as ever more promotions proliferate - add Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday to the shopping calendar - the question remains: Just what is Black Friday anyway?

  • As I was reading several interviews with people standing in line for this year's Black Friday, it hit me that we're misdiagnosing Black Friday if we think that it's merely a reflection of America's greed. Greedy people don't need to put the dishes in the sink after a Thanksgiving lunch and rush over to Best Buy. They can be greedy any day of the year and spend as much money as they need doing it. The problem with Black Friday is that it feels like something you're supposed to do to show that you're a responsible middle-class American because it's rooted in three key "family values."

    This week may be a in our culture. More people are opposing the consumerism of Black Friday—and now its predecessor Thanksgiving Day—while many others are turning to online shopping.

  • Many companies like Best Buy, Kohl’s and Walmart now run big Black Friday sales and publish ads showing what will be deeply discounted for Black Friday — and that allows shoppers to plan their Black Friday shopping strategy. Consumers can also receive alerts so that they can stay on top of the amazing deals and the times at which they can take advantage of such deals. The following provides some insight as to where one can locate Black Friday deals and savings.

Why Black Friday is Called Black Friday

Is Black Friday dying? More evidence is showing up indicating that the day after Thanksgiving is not the best day for finding deals. Some retail experts are even forecasting that Black Friday will disappear as an American consumer tradition.