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Title: Jason and the Argonauts (2000– )

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Jason And The Argonauts

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  • This is why I believe “Jason And The Argonauts” is often called Harryhausen’s best work. In earlier films, you get one or two creatures with this beautiful animation, but in “Jason” you get no fewer than four distinctly diverse monsters, each with their own movement and sequence.

    However, if “Jason And The Argonauts” falters on anything, it would be the lack of development for characters and story. We get some story in the beginning of the film, but only enough to set up the basics: Jason is pissed off at Pelias and wants to get his kingdom back, so he’ll get the Fleece to do just that.

  • The group faced challenges such as:
    • How can you tell the entire story of Jason and the Argonauts in a little over an hour?
    • How do you tell an epic tale, filled with battles, monsters, and dozens of characters, with just two actors and little else? How will the audience be able to tell all the characters and locations apart?
    • What’s the best way to make an ancient story exciting for young people and adults of all ages?

    In the end though, I got a similar feeling from “Jason And The Argonauts” as I did from a good Godzilla film: A film that takes itself rather seriously, but still has a good sense of adventure and fun. It is not afraid to pull any punches, but it knows that people are here to see some exciting action sequences and delivers on that.

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  • The Voyage of Jason and the Argonauts
    Map Courtesy of Classical Mythology Online

    This piece was created by a process of theatre making called devising. Methods can vary from project to project, but in general the play emerges through a collaboration among a group of artists using techniques from games to improvisation to crafting material installations. The process can begin with an idea, theme, or even just a decided-upon style of performance that a group wants to explore. For this production, the artistic team of a director, a playwright, two actors, and designers (set, costume, lighting, and sound) began with the narrative outline of the ancient myth, Jason and the Argonauts.

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I can’t really argue with those choices for recasting, but if memory serves me right there has already been a remake of Jason and the Argonauts hasn’t there?