"Beneath the Earth" by Jean Wells Keenan

"Of the Earth" quilt by Jean Wells. Journey to Inspired Art Quilting by C Publishing, via Flickr

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    Another great one, and one I played on my show just a month ago. Jean Wells absolutely did record an album for Calla, although turning it up is quite a chore. I got outbid the two times I have seen it on eBay since I started looking, with it going around $75.
    Here's the stats:
    Calla C-1103: World! Here Comes Jean Wells! Jean Wells [1968]
    Have A Little Mercy/Drown In My Own Tears/Broomstick Horse Cowboy/What Have I Got To Lose/After Loving You/Our Sweet Love Turned Bitter/Try Me And See/Sit Down And Cry/I Feel Good/Easy Away A Little Bit At A Time

    As for the going rate of the "With My Love" 45, I have found most Jean Wells 45 turn up when digging for pretty good prices, I have 4 of them, and they were all $1-3 in stores...on the net, this title goes for more than some others, but I would think you could score it cheap, at least if people would stop hyping it on their blogs! (I joke, I joke)

    In the image below, you can see a graph with the evolution of the times that people look for jean wells. And below it, you can see how many pieces of news have been created about jean wells in the last years.

  • Jean Wells Keenan $30.00
    April 2 9:00-3:00
    A perfect tote design for carrying a laptop, file folders or knitting project. It's easily adaptable for your project size. The tote fabric has been strip pieced together to create a modern patchwork look. The patchwork fabric is then top stitched in a contrasting thread. This tote could be made from full pieces of fabric too.

    Bio: Jean Wells is an American artist known for her large-scaled and life-sized mosaic sculptures featuring pop-inspired objects such as ice cream cones, hamburgers, hot dogs, and candy.

    Jean Wells
    Born Seattle, Washington
    Nationality American

    University of Washington,

    Burnley Art School
    Known for Contemporary Art
    Notable work Urban Fruit Tree, Mixed Messages, Conversation Piece, Color Blind
    Movement Mosaic, Pop Art

  • Jean Wells' story is not an extraordinary one in the world of soul, although her voice certainly was. Her biggest hit Have A Little Mercy from 1967 was a glorious slice of deep soul, a plea to a lover, whom she is addicted to, but who doesn't seem to notice. Her gospel-trained voice perfectly encapsulating those feelings, whilst a stark arrangement dominated by an ethereal organ and dramatic horn stabs heightens the unbearable effect this man is having on Jean's life. Yet at the time this record only reached number 25 in the R&B charts, just another bit of genius amongst many, thrown out by the black American music industry at one of its most creative and profligate periods. A CD compilation of her work with producer Clyde Otis (between 1967 and 1972 approximately) was released on Kent Record in 1994, now remastered and reissued on BBE Music with 3 non-essential bonus tracks, more unreleased demos than lost gems (even though the southern blues of Daddy Reconsider is quite charming). Her full and great soul LP World, Here Comes Jean Wells from 1968 on Calla Records is dispersed in a choice selection of many singles and b-sides. Expect masterful deep soul, 'heartache & pain' as Charles Bradley would say, with the two tracks from the recent BBE 12 inch single What Have I Got To Lose / Somebody's Been Loving You of course. Vinyl spinners should at least get the 12 inch if they can't afford the 3x7 inch release - definitively recommended! [Review by Djouls]

Tree Series ~ Art Quilts by Jean Wells

Jean Wells was born July 25, 1955 in to Walton and Ellen Loft Wells. During a college canoe camping trip, she participated in an impromptu session of . She was fascinated by the game, and once back on campus, she quickly ordered her own set of the rules, and joined a local group called the "D&D Gang of Statesmen Complex". After several gaming sessions, she realized that she liked the role of more than player. In her words, "It gave me an opportunity to use my creativity in an area I already liked, Medieval History and Fantasy."