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  • John Borowski is an award winning independent filmmaker whose works have garnered international acclaim and are distributed internationally on dvd, television, and streaming. Borowski’s “historical horror” trilogy of documentary films focus on late nineteenth and early twentieth century serial killers.

    The film I had just seen, was not only atypical for documentaries, it was atypical for the director. Serial Killer Culture dwells on the dark side of art and memorabilia, surveying a number of collects of serial killer artifacts, as well as artists who use serial killers as their inspiration. Through a series of vignettes, Borowski introduces us to people like Rick Stanton, one-time John Wayne Gacy art dealer, who regularly visited the man in prison an encouraged him to paint, and Matthew Aaron, who collects paintings and even murder weapons in his Last Dime Museum in Indianapolis. There is comic book artist Hart Fisher whose Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer brought him scorn and a lawsuit (that he won) and who has had enough tragedy in his own life to write about whatever he wants confidently. There is ‘murder metal’ band Macabre (who put on one of the best sets at Housecore) who compose songs strictly about serial killers and once did an entire concept album about Dahmer. There is Amanda Morden, media representative of The Dahmer Tour which leads tourists around Milwaukee. And there is John Borowski himself, filmmaker and documentarian with a string of Serial Killer video biographies under his belt.

  • One of the things I enjoyed most about Housecore Horror Film Festival was the casual stroll one could make around the grounds, chatting with different artists, filmmakers and people who sell cool weird stuff. After watching his fascinating documentary SERIAL KILLER CULTURE, I sat down with director John Borowski, at his booth, and chatted with him about serial killers, while an interesting mix of people came up to check out his wares, including a Jeffrey Dahmer mug shot.

    Like it or not, there is a market for this type of memorabilia. The culture surrounding not only the pursuit and sale of serial killer memorabilia but the art (music, paintings, books, and comic books) and, yes, tourism of it is the subject of John Borowski’s documentary, Serial Killer Culture.

    Raymond John Borowski
    Army of the United States
    Dearborn, Michigan
    April 05, 1935 to May 20, 1967
    RAYMOND J BOROWSKI is on the Wall at Panel 20E, Line 54

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    John Borowski is appearing as a panel guest at: in Downers Grove on February 17.

    Filming in January included Red Wing Correctional Facility and Minnesota State Historical Society for , to be relased in 2011.

John Borowski DVD signing at the film festival. Hosted by the .

Saturday’s festivities kicked off at noon for my girlfriend and me, as we were treated to an awesome panel with author John Borowski, who also happens to be an award winning filmmaker and a leading voice on historical horror. Borowski exclusively focuses on American serial killers, pre-1940, where the evidence tends to be just as grainy as the photographs that fill his incredibly in-depth books. To date, Borowski has created wonderful documentaries on H.H. Holmes, Albert Fish and Carl Panzram while also penning the most comprehensive accounts of two of the nation’s most notorious killers, Holmes and Fish.