One Man Army: A Martial Arts Demonstration by Johnny Tri Nguyen

The Rebel

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  • The crew took half a day to film a segment on a highway in Hoc Mon, requiring Ngo Thanh Van to speed up quite quickly while being chased by a BMW. Right there next to Ngo Thanh Van was Johnny Tri Nguyen who also helped direct the scene as well as assisted the girlfriend in a 180 degree turn.

    The action thriller “Bẫy Rồng/Clash” is scheduled to be released come Christmas time. Headlining the movie is the real-life couple Ngo Thanh Van and Johnny Tri Nguyen.

  • "The Rebel's" cast and crew shot for 80 days in Vietnam, where the local film industry is still developing. They had to deal with a number of obstacles, including crew members who got sick, actors who were injured, and cultural officers who monitored the production's every move. In an interview with Johnny Tri Nguyen, he states that one of the hardest problems in making the film was finding the right actress to play the female lead.

    Bẫy Rồng/Clash,” the action-packed thriller, released new pictures of a scene where Johnny Tri Nguyen chased down a traitor.

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  • Charlie Nguyen Director,Editor,Producer,Screenwriter
    Christopher Wong Score Composer
    Johnny Tri Nguyen Action Director,Producer,Screenwriter
    Tawny Truc Nguyen Executive Producer
    Dominic Pereira Cinematographer,Screenwriter
    Jimmy Nghiêm Pham Producer
    Ham Tran Editor
    La Quy Tung Production Designer
    Nguyen Van Quan Production Manager

    And since this movie’s cast does include big stars like Johnny Tri Nguyen, Luong Manh Hai, Anh Thu, Miss Chanh Phuong Thanh, etc, a little background might be necessary.

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New scenes from the movie “Bẫy Rồng/Clash” feature Johnny Tri Nguyen and Ngo Thanh Van in a steamy Tango session. The crew had to take over the Saigon’s Sheraton 23rd floor to set the mood for the scene. Even though Johnny Tri Nguyen enjoys dancing, he said that he and Ngo Thanh Van had to practice many times in order complete the scene. From the look of the pictures, both characters look great and they seemed to be very immersed in their respective roles.