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Gable at the time of his marriage to Josephine Dillon, 1926

Under The Blue, The Blue Series Volume 1

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  • The story of Josephine Dillon’s persecution by yellow journalism is almost incredible. In a civilized community, with policemen pacing the Boulevard not a hundred feet away, she was threatened and browbeaten, terrified and insulted. In her inexperience, she trustingly admitted these wolves in writers’ clothing into her plain, prim, clean little living room. But her gentle answers to their questions, her mild little reminiscences of hours of hard work with Clark Gable, and her generous praise of him were not what they were looking for, not what they wanted.

    Onto the article. Clark’s only ex-wife at this time was Josephine Dillon, a matronly acting coach 17 years his senior. He was newly married to Ria Langham.

  • Clark had a job then, was playing a walk-on part in Jane Cowl’s company of “Romeo and Juliet.” And so one day in June, 1924, before a matinee, he and Josephine Dillon were quietly married. The newspapers, not being able to see into the future, did not comment upon the event.

    But for all her quiet voice and ladylike ways, Josephine Dillon is a clever woman. “Oh, I’m not so poor I can’t buy a ticket to see a Clark Gable picture!” she answered, smiling.

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    When she received that letter, Josephine Dillon closed her dramatic school, rang down the final curtain on the Little Theater, and followed Clark Gable to Los Angeles.

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Josephine Dillon was born on January 26, 1884 in Colorado, USA. She was an actress, known for (1944) and (1944). She was married to . She died on November 10, 1971 in Verdugo, California, USA.