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Jumble® Mania: A Collection for Passionate Puzzlers (Jumbles®)

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  • For Jumble puzzles, you unscramble the letters to figure out the words and then unscramble the circled letters from each word to solve a final puzzle that’s often a witty joke.

    When I was in a student in university, I did Jumble puzzles nearly every week. I was so obsessed with them that I got my mom addicted to them, too. And, before I knew it, we would be fighting over the Jumble puzzle in the newspaper. 😛

  • There are so many different kind of puzzles: Sudoku, Cryptogram, Crossword, Word Search, etc. But Jumble puzzles are the ones I love to do the most.

    Enjoy wonderful hints and insights from the Jumble puzzle creators David and Jeff. Beautiful Retina graphics show off the cartoons full-screen (looks great on Apple devices of all sizes).

    Practice your jumble puzzle skills!

    Pick a category from one of these choices:
     The Solar System Game
     The Harry Potter Game
     The Science Game
     Charlotte's Web
     Because of Winn-Dixie
     Walk Two Moons
     Zooman Sam

  • The Daily Word Jumble Solver will unscramble letters and make words that can be used to figure out the daily jumble puzzle answer. The daily word jumble solver will use an anagrammer to find answers with two words, three words, or multiple words.

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Jumble is a word puzzle game. And this website will probably help you in solving such daily jumble word puzzles. You can enter any letters upto 14 letters (including ? for blank) and it returns all the anagrams/solutions for that jumbled word. (only if valid words can be created using those scrambled letters, otherwise it won't return any words).