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  • This is the original English version of Mein Kampf translated by James Murphy under contract with the Nazi party. It was made before his altered British version was released and published in small numbers inside Nazi Germany. Mein Kampf covers a wide-scope that offers an interesting interpretation of politics, business, people, and foreign policy matters. To characterize it as simply a racist work is to oversimplify its message. Germany did not follow Hitler because he was a racist, they followed him because he promised a great future, and Mein Kampf is where he promised that great future. This is the original translation of Mein Kampf by James Murphy created for the Nazi government. This is the official and final edition published by the Nazi government. Murphy went on to alter the translation for publication in Britain, however his polished version was very different and included racial slurs which were not in the original text as well as some embellishments that were his own invention.

    The Ford translation is the best. I have Manheim, Murphy, the NS edition, Stackpole and Ford and have read all of them. The Ford translation is clearly the best translated. I have compared all of them side by side and they all have the same basic information, however Ford’s translation is far easier to read and in comparing them Ford’s version is obviously more well stated. By that I mean that some editions translate German into a jumble of English word because the translator did not understand what was being translated(Very true of Murphy and Manheim) but Ford’s version is very clearly stated. Ford’s version also has lots of inserted notes which explain vague references the other translators either did not understand and left uncommented or did not understand and edited out. Get the free pdf Mein Kampf A Translation Controversy. IT is by the publisher of the Ford translation and shows comparisons of older versions and the Ford translation. It is interesting reading on its own. You can get an idea of what Mein Kampf is about from any translation but I am thoroughly impressed by the Ford translation’s quality and the amount of effort that went into verifying each sentence to make it match the original German and make sense in English and be technically accurate at the same time…..Ford explains it better than I can. It is not a dumbed down version and is quite the opposite, a more intelligent version that is better written than past translations and more researched which can be seen in the Mein Kampf A Translation Controversy book that documents the translation process.

  • This translation has been criticized: "because he was ill, Murphy hired one Greta Lorke as assistant translator to help him out. Unbeknownst to him, Lorke was an operative of the “Red Orchestra” (Rote Kapelle, in German), the notorious Communist espionage and sabotage ring run by the Soviet Union. Lorke saw working on the Mein Kampf translation as a perfect cover identity that allowed her to participate in Red Orchestra activities without drawing suspicion to herself. Additionally, she saw the assignment as an opportunity to discredit Hitlerism by fiddling with the passages that she translated."

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    Best Mein Kampf translation?

    I looked around and there seems to be several English translatioins of the book. Which translation available in the UK today is the most faithful to the original text?

    Links to buy online are appreciated.

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    Re: Best Mein Kampf translation?

    Originally Posted by Guderian+
    I looked around and there seems to be several English translatioins of the book. Which translation available in the UK today is the most faithful to the original text?

    Links to buy online are appreciated.
    The Murphy translation.

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