Karen White is an American author of more than fifteen novels.

Karen White & co doing the full monty

Contact Karen White via email, text or phone after 7pm to discuss your training requirements.

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    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Just when I thought Karen White couldn't get better, she does. White is a master at character development. This is a must read. I can't wait for her next book.

  • Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Karen White has done it again! This is a must read! A mysterious and heart warming story.

    Publishers Weekly says of by Barbara Demick, “Karen White delivers a stunning reading, her character interpretations are confident and well-rounded, and she forges a strong bond with the audience.”

Karen White strips for old guys

It all began February 2015 when I was blessed enough to buy my dream horse. A black 4yr old 17hh Shire X. He is magnificent. But as they say, love is blind! I was lead down that garden path, of believing this horse was everything, so I was told! No, that was not true. And I had yet that to learn!!
Not only had I brought home the horse of my dreams, but a horse with no confidents in himself and his surroundings.
It was upsetting.

This is where I found Karen White. And what a breath of fresh air, thank god lol
I gave Karen a call and told her where I was at with my horse and where he was at and what "we" were after as a team. And my goodness it was so easy to talk to Karen.
Not even a week later after bringing Comet home, we met Karen and she took comet on for 2 weeks training. Comet had huge progress and I got to understand a lot more about him.
And OMG!! That feeling to ride your "dream horse" for the first time is the most amazing feeling ever!

It’s now September, we have had our ups and downs, as in me, wanting to sell him. I put it in the too hard basket, as he was spooky and untrusting and I wanted it all now and so on……….
Life was also getting in the way, having 2 young children and me trying to bring on my other horse which is otttb (which also comes to Karen’s). I was falling into a massive heap feeling overwhelmed. Though all this, Karen has never been more than a phone call away! And thank god.

I really think now Karen has saved a special relationship between me and comet. He has such trust in me and me with him. I have learnt so much about patience and understanding from Comet through Karen’s coaching.

Karen suggested I put him out to chill for a while, for us to bond and really get to know each other.
We still continued groundwork and had my weekly lessons with both my horses. (But Comet was more fun time/bonding) But today 15/9/15 blew my mind. I had a lesson on comet today after no saddle work for 7weeks and wow,wow,wow!! He was so confident and chilled out today which was totally amazing!! It was wonderful to be riding him again. And I myself was relaxed! (Well towards the end, after Karen beat it out of me to have trust in my horse LOL!!