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  • First of all I am a great fan of Mr. Winslow. I even sent a message to his blog that Laguna Beach should name a street after him. His CALIFORNIA FIRE AND LIFE is one of my all time favorite books. That being said - I was really disappointed in this book. Not that it's bad or that a reader would not enjoy it but to me the big mystery is how this book came about. Was it all part of SAVAGES and somewhere along the line the early part of the story was dropped to concentrate on the latter? Was that because KINGS OF COOL takes so much from ORANGE SUNSHINE -a true recounting of the drug culture in Laguna Beach during the 60s and 70s? Or, was writing this book a quick way to cash in on the upcoming movie? Whatever the story, it's below Mr. Winslow's standards and much more work should have been done on the book before it's release. It seems incomplete. Take the Kim character. She is introduced and developed into a really interesting person then almost dropped except for some cryptic references on what happens to her. I didn't like the parts that looked like a film script. It looked like a cut/paste/copy attempt to get the book completed. Mr. Winslow's editors probably share more of the blame for this than the author. I am not an author, not a publisher therefore I apologize for my attempt to downplay this book in any way but, I am a reader, and I felt cheated. Sorry, Mr. Winslow. Still look forward to the next one.

    The ‘King of Cool’ is addicted to extremes: fast cars, alcohol, women and drugs that make him aggressive, paranoid and ill. Steve McQueen difficultly finds his place in Hollywood’s aristocracy feeling he has remained the juvenile delinquent he used to be. This insecurity may explain why the public loves him so as his journey from remand home to star system perfectly incarnates the American Dream.

  • One of the most harrowing passages in Kings of Cool, Winslow claims, comes straight from the mouth of one of his friends who grew up in Laguna in the 1970s. The son of a pot dealer, he recalled how some of his father's "friends" picked him up one day and drove him out to the desert, where they held him hostage at a safe house. As it turned out, the friend's dad owed the men a large quantity of cash. He spent a weekend drinking beer with his captors and flipping through porno magazines until his dad came up with the cash. "That happened up right there," Winslow says, nodding at the hillsides above Laguna Canyon.

    Kings of Cool, like Savages, is a breezy but brutal novel about a pair of Laguna Beach Bums who create a successful business growing and distributing marijuana to a discerning cliental. I liked Kings of Cool more than I liked Savages (I gave that novel 3 stars and a mixed review). Kings of Cool provides the backstory, not only for how the characters in Savages meet and start up their business but provides a history of the Laguna Beach drug scene starting in the sixties and seventies. The novel alternates between Chon and Ben's story and the tale of Taco Jesus and the early days of the San Diego drug scene and, as you might imagine, the two story lines inevitably converge in unexpected ways.

    Man on the Edge -- The King Of Cool -- The E! True Hollywood Story -- Filming At Speed -- The A&E Bio -- The Essence of Cool -- An American Rebel

    An in depth profile of a true Hollywood legend. Looking closely at his career, this documentary follows the life of Steve McQueen from being abandoned as a baby to the on screen idol of the hit movies Bullit, Papillion and The Great Escape. It includes TV clips, trailers, film out takes and home movies of the very private man, some of which have never been seen before.

    Narrated by Kevin Spacey and featuring interviews with...
    First Wife
    Neile McQueen
    Chad McQueen
    Terry McQueen
    Friend & Stuntman
    Bud Ekins
    Friend & Trainer
    Pat Johnson
    Acting Agent
    Hilly Elkins
    Norman Jewison
    Marshall Terrill
    Friend & Actress
    Suzanne Pleshette
    Friend & Stuntman
    Loren Janes
    Business Partner
    Robert Relyea
    Friend & Actor
    Robert Wagner
    Acting Agent
    Freddie Fields
    Haskell Wexler
    Film Critic
    Charles Champlin
    Friend & Actress
    Jacqueline Bisset
    Martin Landau
    Michael Madsen
    Mark Rydell
    Variety Editor
    Peter Bart
    David Foster
    58 minutes duration.

    A Myriad Pictures and American Movie Classics co-production in association with NVC ARTS

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    Bio: The fabulous "Kings of Cool" are Toronto's hottest new act performing the jazz standards from a time when Cool was King and Vegas was Red HOT!

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Winslow was too polite to respond. He's used to dealing with critics, as well as meeting people who think they somehow inspired one or another of his various characters. In the acknowledgments for Kings of Cool, Winslow does thank certain friends for sharing their stories, a debt he says that can best be repaid by not mentioning their names. "Guys I hang out with, do martial arts with and surf with were telling me stories," he tells me. "I don't think you can hang around here very long without that history, that culture, coming into your awareness."