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  • Lubes of various consistency and flavors can enable you to put spark into any kinky sex position, in fact, some of the best kinky sex potions begin with lube. First, figure out which lubricants best serves your needs. Do you plan to give your lover a massage prior to intercourse? Then get a warming lubricant. If you want to perform however, tingling or flavored lube can be fun indeed. If you can't afford lube, chewing on an Altoid or spearmint flavored gum prior to oral will give your mate a ride they will never forget.

    Why stay in bed or lie down? One can find so many interesting variations if you wish to to get your groove on. For instance, a man can have his woman lean against a wall while he penetrates her from behind either vaginally or anally. He can also grab her ass with both hands and place her on his penis for easy maneuverability. This is a exercise, so don't try this kinky sex position unless you are physically able to or someone could get hurt!

  • Keep in mind that the purpose of lovemaking is for you and your partner to experience the greatest amount of pleasure possible and connect more deeply. Kinky sex positions that are too difficult to achieve or uncomfortable won't lead to satisfying lovemaking adventures.

    There is a wealth of kinky sex positions to be had, but the above kinky sex positions are considered the most enjoyable. If you and your lover desire to try out the best kinky sex, a veritable cornucopia of sinful delights awaits.

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  • Lorelei has done many bondage shoots and has proven herself time after time as being one of the toughest models out there. Here, she does her very first boy/girl sex scene with Mark Davis including secure bondage and deep anal penetration.

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    Another trick for coming up with kinky sex positions is altering where you do it. You can take any traditional position and turn it into the exceptional by simply changing the location where you make love.

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