The Time of Light Psychic Readings, Zorica Gojkovic, Ph.D.

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  • Light Reading is our way of encouraging creativity inspired by our science. In 2011 we ran a short story writing competition for adults, looking for submissions of 3,000 words, or of 300 words or less in our flash fiction sub competition. In 2012 we asked school students to take up the challenge - where will our science take them?

    The LightWedge Reading Light seems to be the answer, and at $35 it’s about half the price of the cheapest Kindle, which mind you doesn’t include a light. Embedded in the handle are a set of LED lights powered by four AAA batteries that are said to be good for up to 40 hours of reading. When turned on their light is dispersed across a distortion-free optical-grade acrylic lens that should illuminate the entire page allowing you to read in little to not light, and all the while not disturb you bed partner.

  • Idag skriver jag om Lucy Normans fascinerande lampa Light Reading på sajten Zickermans Värld, gjord av gamla böcker som ingen vill ha. Fint resultat och hedervärd insats – läs min intervju med .

    ‘Lambelasma, That is My Name’, written by Christy Flora Au is the winning story of the Light Reading 2013 competition.
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    Incandescent "Classic" Clip-on Book Light

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    For years we've offered you the fantastic Classic Clip-on Incandescent Book Light from Mighty Bright because it was the only clip-on light that satisfactorily lit an entire paperback book, top to bottom and side to side, with a  warm, pleasing light by which your could read comfortably.  We've sold hundreds of these lights for readers, and we've also sold them to choirs for use outdoors, in darkened churches and in performance halls.  We've even sold them to illuminate small works of art at museum exhibitions!  They are a great light, weigh only 6.1 oz. including 4 AA batteries, are very reasonably priced, and we'll proudly continue to sell and support them.  (Batteries not included with purchase of light.  Optional A/C adapter is available.)  CLICK HERE to buy it now.

    While the Classic incandescent Mighty Bright is both dependable and versatile, it has a maintenance issue: like all incandescent lights, its bulbs burn out, and they have to be replaced every 20-40 hours of use.  While replacement bulbs are available for about $2.00 each, the cost can mount up over time.  For example, compare the cost of replacement incandescent bulbs to rated life expectancies of 30,000 hours or more for LED's:  Assuming each incandescent bulb lasted at least 40 hours, you would have to buy 750 replacement bulbs to get as many hours use out of a light that used incandescent bulb as the LED design, which would cost you $1,500, not counting shipping and handling!  Clearly, paying a little more for an LED light could be quickly recouped if you use your light regularly.

    So, we've eyed all the new, longer lasting LED designs ever since they were first developed.   We had about given up hope when we were finally found the new XtraFlex2 and XtraFlex Duet, and GigLight LED lights.  Each of them do get it right, providing excellent lights for reading while offering incredible savings over the useful light of the device.

  • E. Bryan Carne wrote that he would "heartily recommend" Light Reading's daily newsletter for "those who wish to keep abreast" of the telecommunications industry and that it had helped him when writing his book.

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