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  • Come see us during your birthday month!
    Any child registered with Little Y who visits the Little Y Kids Club during the month of their birthday will receive a coupon for a slice of cheese pizza and a soda from our World Class Pizza Shop.

    But kids are going to ruin their futures with stupid Facebook antics! Yes, kids are going to do stupid things on Facebook. But they already do stupid things all over the web on services that don't offer even the highly-flawed privacy controls Facebook does. The chat service Tinychat, a tween favorite, is completely anonymous and in fact seems to designed specifically to enable underage girls and boys to flash strangers on webcams in the most efficient manner possible. Ditto for the webcam community Stickam. Twitter and Tumblr, which are even more public and prone to drama than Facebook, swarm with little kids.

  • We shouldn't be trying to keep kids off Facebook, but to make Facebook a better place for kids. Facebook should be pressured not to collect more of our personal information in order to keep kids off, but to fix their privacy controls so kids that do have profiles can understand them. (Not to mention adults.) Facebook should be pressured to back off on the authoritarian "real name" that forces kids to attach all their youthful indiscretions to their real identity. (Not to mention adults.) But most importantly, parents should be deeply involved in their little kids' social networking presences. Especially the ones that aren't on Facebook. That's the real scary shit.

    The folks at Babelgum, who scored an Internet hit earlier this month with “,” are out with another timely video that’s making the rounds today: “Little Kids Reenact The Hills" (a theme the video site previously explored with "").

    Four Families:
    Sunday at the Park
    April 21, 2002

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    This freaked people out, since letting kids on social networks is seen by many as throwing them into a pit of knife-wielding sex offenders. The Consumer Union a letter to Zuckerberg urging Facebook to more efficiently obliterate little kids' illicit Facebook profiles. Cybersafety experts are a more robust parental approval process.

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Has potential and interesting content for very young children, but I thought I had purchased an actual magazine, not just a small pamphlet. NOT worth the annual subscription price. I do very much like the NG KIDS magazine, but I won't be renewing the NG LITTLE Kids.