Wise Guys Reading Review and Activity: Loser by Jerry Spinelli

Activities to go with the novel: Loser by Jerry Spinelli

Activities to go with the novel: Loser by Jerry Spinelli
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Donald Zinkoff from Loser by Jerry Spinelli


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    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    I'm a 6th grade student from Glendale, Arizona. I read Loser by Jerry Spinelli as one of my five books that I had to read for the second quarter. It was a really good book. When I would have to stop reading it, I just couldn't put it down. It really grabbed my attention. Loser is definitely one of my favorite books. It's about a boy named Donald Zinkoff. He's outgoing, brave, and is also really funny. The book didn't say when it took place, but it probably took place in the present. When the book starts, he's starting first grade. By the end of the book, Donald is in middle school. During these years, Donald has many adventures. A part that I really liked reading was when it was Take Your Kid to Work Day. Donald got to help deliver mail with his dad because his dad is a mailman. His dad didn't want him delivering real mail, though, so Donald wrote letters to all the people in his neighborhood and delivered those instead. One woman that he delivered mail to would always call him "Mailman" every time she would see him. Another part that I liked was Donald's first day of school. He had a really tall hat that looked like a giraffe that he got from the zoo. He wore it on his first day of school. Some older kids were bullying him and took his hat. They were rubbing it in the dirt, but Donald just laughed along with the boys. They finally gave up on trying to pick on him. I like the way Donald reacted because it showed that he's brave when it comes to bullies. I can connect this book to my own life because I'm a kid like Donald. I have to face bullies and stand up for myself just like Donald did in the book. I can connect this book to the world because there are a lot of scary things in the world and people can stand up for themselves, but still be kind, just like Donald. Loser, by Jerry Spinelli is a great book.

  • This is a custom written literature unit to be used with Loser by Jerry Spinelli. This unit is designed to be used with some student/instructor interaction. It can also be revised as an independent study for the student. It is written for the 4-6th grade reading level.

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