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Magic Pickle Graphic Novel

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  • The full-color graphic novel version of the Magic Pickle legend! Magic Pickle, or "Weapon Kosher," as his creator, Dr. Jekkel Formaldehyde likes to call him, is the product of a top-secret U.S. Army lab. Unfortunately, the 1950s experiments to turn vegetables into soldiers went wrong. Sure, they created Magic Pickle, the flying dill soldier, but they also let loose a bunch of rotten vegetables, like the Romaine Gladiator, Chili Chili Bang Bang, the Phantom Carrot, and Peashooter. This Brotherhood of Evil Produce is out to take over the world and they've started with art museum heists and bank robberies.

    Dr. Formaldehyde frees Magic Pickle from his decades-old cryogenic snooze so that Weapon Kosher can fight the Brotherhood. Unfortunately, Dr. F. forgot to tell MP he had been frozen in a lab hidden down below the home of young Jo Jo Wigman. Jo Jo's a feisty little girl who doesn't like flying pickles bursting up through her bedroom floor. But once she goes down to visit the secret lab, she realizes what's at stake--and once she talks to the Magic Pickle, she realizes this guy, er, pickle, is going to need some help saving the world, or at least getting around in it.

  • Jo Jo helps the Magic Pickle track the Brotherhood all around town, saving the day here and there. Their quest ends in--what else? A huge food fight in Jo Jo's school cafeteria!

    But what they unearth is a pretty rotten bunch!That gnarly old lettuce head, The Romaine Gladiator, rises from the garden patch with dastardly plans to reunite the Brotherhood of Evil Produce! Can the Magic Pickle make a knuckle sandwich out of those notorious no-good veggies before their seeds of destruction destroy the world?

    1 qt. kosher dill pickles, sliced 1/2" thick
    1/2 c. vinegar
    1-2 tbsp. pickling spices
    3 c. sugar

    Drain pickles. In clean 1/2 gallon jar add spices and vinegar. Add drained pickles, pour sugar over them. DO NOT STIR. Close jar and let stand 8 days. After all pickles are eaten add another quart of drained pickles and 1 additional cup of sugar. Let stand 10 days.

    1 qt. kosher dill
    1/2 c. vinegar
    1 or 2 tbsp. pickling spices
    3 c. sugar

    Slice pickle 1/2" thick. Drain pickles. While they are draining put spices and vinegar in half gallon jar. Add drained pickle and pour sugar on top of them. Do not stir. Close jar and let stand 8 days. After pickles are eaten, add another quart of drained pickles and 1 cup sugar and let stand 10 days.

    Scott Morse introduces one of the most hilarious superheroes ever: a flying, green Magic Pickle! Fly along with his new hero in first adventure in Magic Pickle and the Planet of the Grapes!

Magic PIckle by josie farley on Prezi

Magic Pickle is a secret weapon developed in a secret military lab---under little JoJo Wigwam's bedroom floor. The fearless dill superhero meets his match in this feisty eight-year-old. Together they go after Ray Sin, a renegade raisin from the Brotherhood of Evil Produce. Ray Sin has a dastardly plan: to turn every human being on the planet into big, juicy, mindless grapes, so he can rule the world!