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Magnus Magnusson mini bio:

Magnus Magnusson was born on October 12, 1929 in Reykjavik, Iceland

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  • In 2001, the television series was revived on The Discovery Channel, with well-known chat show host Clive Anderson in the role of the interrogator. The new series was a hit, and former BBC host Magnus Magnusson even appeared to spring a surprise on the finalists by handing over the season trophy to winner Michael Penrice.

    Magnus Magnusson, who has died aged 77, was an industrious journalist, writer, broadcaster and public servant destined to have his other achievements overshadowed by his masterly stewardship of the BBC’s television quiz show Mastermind.

  • The final episode of the original run was recorded, appropriately, at St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, Orkney. At the end of the programme the famous black chair was given to Magnus Magnusson.

    Magnus Magnusson was born in Reykjavik on October 12 1929. When he was nine months old his family moved to Edinburgh (his father was Icelandic Consul-General for Scotland), and he was educated at Edinburgh Academy, from where he won a scholarship to read English at Jesus College, Oxford.

    Magnus Magnusson: Mastermind's erudite inquistor

  • Magnus Magnusson: 'Tough but always fair questionmaster'

    Magnusson's career

    Magnús Magnússon (Magnus Magnusson), writer and broadcaster: born Reykjavik 12 October 1929; staff, Scottish Daily Express 1953-61; Chief Features Writer and Assistant Editor, The Scotsman 1961-68; presenter, Tonight 1964-65; presenter, Chronicle 1966-80; presenter, Mastermind 1972-97; Rector, Edinburgh University 1975-78; Chairman, Scottish Churches Architectural Heritage Trust 1978-85; Chairman, Scottish Youth Theatre 1976-78; Chairman, Ancient Monuments Board for Scotland 1981-89; President, RSPB 1985-90; Hon KBE 1989; FSA 1991; Chairman, Nature Conservancy Council for Scotland (from 1992 Scottish Natural Heritage) 1991-99; Chancellor, Glasgow Caledonian University 2002-07; married 1954 Mamie Baird (one son, three daughters, and one son deceased); died Blairskaith, East Dunbartonshire 7 January 2007.

Magnus Magnusson (Author of Scotland) - Goodreads

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