Gloria Swanson & Melvyn Douglas

Melvyn Douglas won Best Supporting Actor in ("Hud") in 1963

In 1970, Melvyn Douglas was nominated for Best Actor for his performance in
That Uncertain Feeling
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Gloria Swanson (costumes by Coco Chanel) & Melvyn Douglas in Tonight or Never (1931)
And So They Were Married
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Joan Crawford shares some of her birthday cake with Melvyn Douglas.
On The Loose
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Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Charles Laughton, Melvyn Douglas and Myrna Loy

Woman In The Shadows

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  • George Schaefer, a successful Hollywood, television, and theater producer, speaks of his collaborations with Melvyn Douglas. The two worked together on three productions, one of which led to Douglas' winning of an Emmy award. Schaefer discusses Douglas' comedic and dramatic acting talent, his intellectual nature, his character and personality, and the health problems that later efffected his ability to work.

    In this interview, renowned actor Tony Randall recalls his collaboration with Melvyn Douglas in the acclaimed play, . Randall comments on Douglas' acting ability and techniques, his interpretation of the role in the play, and his political activism. In addition to discussing the play, Randall speaks of Douglas' character and personality, and of acting techniques in general.

  • Dore Schary, former screen author and head of MGM Studios, recalls his past associations with Melvyn Douglas. Schary comments on the genuineness of Douglas' character, which came across in his performances. He cites some of Douglas' finest acting moments and describes his sense of comedic timing and the sensual aura that surrounded him. In addition, Schary discusses Douglas' political activism in the context of the Red Scare.

    Melvyn Douglas's granddaughter, actress Illeana Douglas, has forged a connection with classic movie fans in recent times through her appearances on and an active presence on .

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  • In this interview, Anne Seymour discusses her admiration for and longstanding friendship with her fellow actor, Melvyn Douglas. Seymour relates examples of Douglas' kindness and character, and praises his acting abilities. She recalls her first play, as the place where she made her first acquaintance with Melvyn Douglas.

Melvyn Douglas y Greta Garbo en “Como tú me deseas”, 1932

He was at the bedside of his wife when she died in June 1980. Melvyn Douglas survived Helen Gahagan Douglas by a little more than a year when he died of pneumonia complicated by a cardiac condition, August 4, 1981, at age 80.