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Illustration: Motif for embroidered crewelwork, 17th century.

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  • Photos of motifs embroidered by hand. Any technique: traditional embroidery, thread painting, red/ gold/ black work, silk ribbon embroidery, waste canvas work We have collected only Free Hand Embroidery Designs that you can download and start Indian Inspired Motifs. More Information on Indian Inspired Motifs Get to know all about embroidery,stich,aari embroidery,salwaar,saree,crochet,hand embroidery designs Motifs Used: The motifs are made up of horizontal, vertical and

    Free embroidery pattern fpr trees and a peacock. Inspired by Indian silverwork. Stumpwork is a raised form of hand embroidery in which motifs i.e. petals and leaves are sewn individually and then cut out and Geometric Hand Cross Stitch Motif Embroidery Design Free Design Information:- Fabric: 14 count Rug canvas Stitches: 35 x 45 Size: 2.50 x 3.21 inches or 6.35 x 8.16 cm

  • Embroidery Motifs. These motifs can be embroidered on satin cushions, fleece cushions, bath towels, hand towels, flannels, sports towels, gym towels, fleece blankets Hand woven, pure silk scarf with Kantha hand-embroidery in a fish motif. Kantha is a type of embroidery popular in Bangladesh and in West Bengal, India and is Floral Hand Cross Stitch Motif Embroidery Design Free Design Information:- Fabric: 14 count Aida Stitches: 38 x 37 Size: 2.71 x 2.64 inches or 6.89 x 6.71 cm

    Motifs, Bullion Embroidered Motifs, Hand Peaks & Visors Family Crest Coat Embroidery Pipe Banner Embroidered Emblems Hand Embroidered Laces Hand Embroidered Motifs (1) Eight motifs from Broderie d’Antan (2) Two vintage kitchen designs from doe-c-doe (3) A vintage Superior Sunbonnet Sue from Lace ‘n’ Ribbon Roses (4) Six Machine Embroidery Design Free Poppy 150706-2 Hand Cross Stitch Motif Embroidery Design Free Cross Stitch motif, X-Motif-D-1b2 Geometric Hand Cross Stitch Motif Embroidery

  • Flower Motif Embroidery Collection Embroidery Designs, Thread Patterns, high quality Machine Embroidery Design, affordable, and available for instant download – Smart

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But from the perspective of an SCA embroiderer, Vikingembroidery did not really catch on until the tenth century, theperiod of the find from Bjerringhøj (Mammen parish,Denmark), the same find that yielded up the "Mammen axe." Thelate tenth-century man's grave there yielded a quantity of thekind of finds we would be most likely to consider "true"embroidery: the remains of two wool 2/1 twill textiles, possiblyfrom a cloak or other garment(s), with several different motifsembroidered in stem stitch. The cloth fragments are dark brownnow, but they may once have been brightly coloured; similarly,the two shades of brown wool floss may originally have been twocompletely different colours. Some of the remaining motifs areexecuted in outline form only; however, the scrollingleaf motif is outlined in threads of the light shade and filledin selectively with the darker shade. Munksgaard notes thatthere is evidence that the base cloth is "tightly covered withneedle holes," indicating the previous presence of some otherembroidery, now decayed. Based on the survival in the grave ofboth wool and silk textiles, she concludes that the cloth wasadditionally embroidered with linen thread (166), which isespecially prone to decay in burials.